Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

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It's only getting started. This is merely Stage 0.1 Early Access and EA stage won't be finished until the devs has all the missing parts finally put in place.
TW said the length of EA is subject to change. It is hard to make a judgement. Based on the amount of content added in past 2 months I would dare to claim the game will be nowhere to "finished" in next 10 months.

On the other hand, we might get the elementary mechanics balanced (performance issues/crashes, snowballing, sieges, stupid lords AI and their defections) to some extend within next month or two and then start receiving content for upcoming 9-10 months along with fixes for previously added changes.

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See @9:20:
“We are very close... Just, hopefully, maybe sometime next year.” -Armagn 2015

Uuuuh, maybe? Hopefully? I don’t know. This would be nice... I get the feeling this is how all their planning meetings go. Just randomly trying things seeing what happens no planning, no procedure, no schedule. Just ideas and years of spare time.

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Nah, these guys haven't organized the development process properly and they've probably allowed a lot of feature creep so they're constantly playing catch up and wearing themselves out. They need to re-examine the game and figure out what core components they need to work on for the game to be functional to then build the rest of the game around.
Exactly 10 months from today? No way they can do that. But I am hoping that they are least can finished all their placeholder by that times. An hopefully mod tool by the end of the year (next year)
Based on TaleWorlds road map they posted, yeah it definitely could be finished by then.

Problem is I'm betting it won't be nearly as "complete" as a lot of people on here and the M&B subreddit want it to be.
What is it you are referring to?

That thread they posted.
Did you notice the uppgrade on villagers with productions and stuff, looks super sweet. I guess it's something that will be implemented in the future. I guess maybe they dont implement everything right away to make it stable.

Fixing crashes and improving performance is the hard part. That has been most of the focus so far.

Implementation of new features should be easier, so a rapid development schedule is possible.
Dead honest, if they would release the mod tools now, the game would be done next month with 20 High Class DLCs all made by the community for free and in better quality than TW themself could have done it.
But since that is just merely a dream, and TW will be the only one working on the game (most likely) till release the EA will be AT LEAST 1 1/2 year from now. Wouldn't be surprised at all if it takes longer than that remembering their schedule for the past ~10 years.
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