Do u really think should i be banned after reading this one?

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[PBS] Chenk

Good day Tales World Moderators Team
i get banned for second time (first time i don't know why xD) for friendly fire/killing teammate.
For the second time i deserved it and i confessed that i killed him bcs he(his name is Ivan or something like that) is a troll.He constantly block my way with his horse and i have no other way.I am not going to lose a game bcs of a troll (yes i know i am sweaty tryhard :grin:) , also wanted u to know that i killed 2 friendly it was crouch lance accident :smile: not my fault...blame my ping for that.
Please instead banning Active Players who knows how the Multiplayer works, create a Command like Votekick to do something against these trolls in Captain mode and everybody who wants to ruin our beautiful Game.........
My Steam Username is : [PBS] Chenk The Wise (This is a request for Unban)

@MArdA TaleWorlds



Community Support
Community Support
Hey, i checked the logs and you have more than 2 friendly kills like you said, and some considerable amount of deliberate friendly hit. I am sorry but none of the things you mentioned can be a reason for these violiations. Your ban will expire in a couple of hours anyway so i suggest you sit through it and refrain from violating our code of conduct in future events. If there is a player who is harassing you or sabotaging your gameplay without making any violations, like blocking your way etc. please share a video of the incident with us. I can assure you the situation will be dealt with swiftly. Thank you for reaching out to us.
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