Unsolved Do im having trouble launching warband and i have no idea on where to start.


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I launch it fro msteam and it crashes right after i launch it.
Somome siad to delete the congiration.txt or somthing and i did and it didnt work, then somone said to deleote the roaming fikes and i cant find the files and so im nkt lost and then somone siad somthing about a multi threading or... well i have no idea. Im ready to just stop playing this game all together forever, i have like 1400 hours amd i love this game, but i guess i havr no power or technical knowledge to fix it.

Any idea would be appreciated, would buying a brand new warband from this site? I dont want to spend 20 dollhairs if it wont help.

UPDATE! i figured out i had too many mods installed.
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