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Woj why are u asking to jumong like a jobless person if koso get banned in some warband tournament.Aren't you tired after your match?You dont want to do CW and researching about our history so you are trying to take some of us outside of tournament i see that.You claim that he is cheating and asking someone if he got ban?? XDDD
Imagine u are spending 24h on forum, and saying that a guy with job is jobless. I don't claim nothing before i don't have any solid proove. btw what the problem about asking Oguz who is a guy who know really well the turkish community about one of ur turkish player? it's seem's logic buy a brain plz

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Okay woj,I have probably one of the lowest forum hours compared to the date,even i played the MB competitive for so long
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Inappropriate behavior
The moderators will warn you and delete this post because of mental part canton.They did same to me,just wait for it
He's trying to help you! Everyone tries to!
People making screenshots of a fake ciiges to make look bad xDDD lmfaooo
I'm Ciiges 3rd forgotten brother ya gonna belive that? I can't belive y'all falling for my **** over and over again I'm a person who lives out of y'all tears!
Alright, we are looking forward to play a few Elo matches with you in the future. Did you guys get the 750 Win badge yet?

You are all losers. End of the debate.
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