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DM masterfully trolled the world by convincing the world they where a bunch of punk poles when really they just wanted the popularity so they could get more matches


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YOOO im pissed howd you guys get more views than my clans thread REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

By claiming to be the best clan and actually proving it by beating everyone, 1st squad or not. No excuses from these guys and I can vouch for it, they own up to their losses and admit they played **** when they do.

Oh aye and they don't PAY their players to play with them, (most of them :razz: ) actually like each other.


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And that shall change again, whenever the combat is fixed and custom servers are brought into the game!
Yes, but let the nerds argue about who is the best in a broken game. It’s entertaining at least. « I can press E more than you » « Maybe, but I can press X more than you! »


Last time I check you were from Poland, no? Or did you apply for Turkish citizenship?
I'm half turkish, my dad is from Ankara.

best greek clan
No, we are just the best turkish clan.

Hey can you answer me guys how can you be "Best Turkish Clan" When we defeat you in Clanwar? :oops: 🥰
You are turkish clan? Oh thought ya from Greece well if ya won against us and we are playing a match in thursday after you lose, you gonna put it into results or ya gonna still be a spineless individual?

Whoever wins Beast tourney will be the best clan of whatever this game is.
DM2 vs DM1 in finals no worries I'll trash DM1
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Maybe. If some people come back they have to catch up though.
Yes and no. There won’t be much to catch up when they nerf cav, kicks and throwing, because that’s what everyone who plays this game has been training.
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