Display character role modifiers in party assignment screen

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I know this info is somewhat available in the character screen, where it looks nice and clean within each category. Would it be possible to add some of this info about how a character assigned to scout/steward/surgeon/engineer modifie the party? It would help with knowing just what’s happening within the party and how companions are playing a role. The basic numbers of a specific trait is alright, but could really yield a wealth of info for the player. A couple ideas:
  • Simply listing out the modifiers when hovering over the option to assign a character, blending the current system with what is done in choosing a governor
  • Perhaps the same as above, but with shortened text?
  • A table next to the party character names with a list of modifiers, with a drop down list above that would display based on choosing scout/steward/etc
  • A star rating based on whatever TW decides - a bit less info, but maybe more telling than just listing trait numbers right now
Could this also say whether the perk or role applied to the specific party or to a larger army (group of parties) as well?


If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that we should add more information to the tooltip that the player sees while assigning party roles in the Clan->Parties tab. So that players can make a more informed decision. And see the affects of the companion, in that role, to the party. Currently we only show the skill value of the related role in the tooltip.

This is certainly possible, I'll take note and look into this. Thank you for the sugggestion!
Yes, that’s correct! I had a feeling I was missing some key words (like tooltip) that would’ve made this much clearer. Thank you for both interpreting my thoughts and for considering it.
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