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For arrows set the difficulty to the max :wink:  All option on max except for me the speed battle.
If I understand well, colors once again:
Patch 0.3 is available, although it will not break any save games (I think) but you won't be able to see rearranged settlements (main focus of this patch) until you start a new game.
Dowloading now! Some advance on Iberian factions?

Edit: It will come with the newer version of Diplomacy?
Can anyone upload a pic of scandinavia, i want to see if the cities and the names are properly placed now cause i can't download it now
I notice a few mistakes right off the bat.

1) Steinker should be just north-east of Niðarós, not south-west.
2) the merchant of Bjorgyn is called Merchant of Trondheim.
3)Wibærgh, one of denmarks 4 towns, the one Randrosæ and álæburgh belong to, is missing. Jylland looks empty :razz:
4) I've placed Narvia too far east, move it to be on the estonian coast just south of Wyburgh.
5) Kalmarnir and Vecsioren belong to Denmark, they're supposed to be Swedish.
6) Aslo is supposed to be spelt Ásló

cough cough about the Huskarlar equipment, but I've already written that in the scandinavian post where it belongs

and one question, the padded cloth and gambesons, why do they only have like +12 armour? if a mail hauberk is 60, then the gambeson he wears underneath should be at least 30 of the armour value, maybe 35.

that's all I can see at the moment. Can't wait to have the free sailing that I saw in cheat mode in the unpatched version implemented. That was Legendary.
Is it normal that there are 120+ groups of "prussian rebels" in the Teutonic Order lands at the very beginning of the game? They wtfpwned the grandmeister right off the bat.

Oh and the map has nothing except rivers and lands, did I even install it properly?
I have also found some bugs.

1. i am related to about 10 knights called knight 22 1, knight 23 1, knight 23 2 etc. etc.
2. they ( the previous mentioned knights) are all my son-in-law and i dont have any daughters  :mrgreen:
3. Stralsund is holyroman, and is supposed to be danish at the time, after the danish invasion of the wends.
hey this is a very great mod !!!!!!!! but i'm a little bit deceive by the position of the longsword (on the back)!!! it's not really important!!!and another thing can you add the helmets from britain at war ??? the helmet with nasal they are typically from XII/XIII° century !!!!!!!! another thing i've installed the pre-patch0.2 and  i have a problem with the sounds:Iheard them only from the right of the character!!!!! thanks and sorry for my english :???:!!! good luck for the next !!!!!!!
PS: there is a bug with some new crusaders surcoat textures !!
dave_k said:
Is it normal that there are 120+ groups of "prussian rebels" in the Teutonic Order lands at the very beginning of the game? They wtfpwned the grandmeister right off the bat.

Oh and the map has nothing except rivers and lands, did I even install it properly?

Yes, have the same situation. A bit hard to face them. Particularly if you face several parties of them.

By the way: Why is the leader of the Teutonic Order called "Grandmeister"? That's not english nor is it german. Großmeister (or ss instead of ß) would be correct. It's pretty mixed because some of them are called Komtur (german/french) and the others are called Brother (Bruder in german).  A lot of mixed titles in the HRE faction as well. PM me, if you need help with german.

The Teutonic city "Elbing" gives you Prussian Rebel units instead of Teutonic ones.
I don't know if it's the right place to post this but considering the map of France, even if the ladmass is fairly accurate, the eastern borders are wrong. I know the map is still WIP but here is the map with the "correct" place of the various town, with the border of actual France in yellow so you got a general idea about it. Hope it helps and is not too messy.


If you want i can give you a list of important medieval town, castle and village of France in the middle age to flesh out the empty space (like the south and west) and place them on a screenshot so you see where they were.
What can I say, another fine release Othr- great job to the whole crew!!!

Anyways, I've noticed some significant changes in patch level 3, here's what I got:

1- The new Surcoats for the various factions and tournaments look amazing, great work again Kuauaik!- an enormous upgrade from the originals!!!
- but there are 2 colors that look far too similar in the tournaments- one is brown and I am not sure what the other color is (darkish red??). There are times when you cannot distinguish one from the other...
2- The Merchant of Varad is labeled the Merchant of Ezstergom
3- Horses with the extended rear flap/front flap upon the saddle (not sure what this is exactly called but it protects the rider's lower back and provides stability/support), the rider's armor (no matter what kind) peaks through the rear lap making it look extremely glitchy.
4- Tournament at Halych was held in an open field
- Overall most of the towns (if not all of them) that belong to the Kingdom of Galicia are bugged
5- The new Mongol encampment texture is a little rough on the eyes when compared to the other map textures, outstanding concept though. (I mean no offense whatsoever)

That's all I got so far, a lot of new textures in the armory, a lot of corrections in the patch, great job.
I dont mean to revive the whole wages thing, but would it be possible for you to set up two wages levels, one easy one hard, to change in camp menu? I find that running around with 60 knights gets extremely boring, but there is little incentive not to, as one or two towns is enough to do so - Lords who own towns should be easily able to affoard 30 knights + loads of peasants ,instead they run around with 1 knight and loads of rabble. Being able to take a whole nations campain force with force supported by just one town with a couple of fiefs makes the game unchallanging.
And how to train 60 knights? Well, thats easy aswell - find prussian rebels, kill them, get 10 or so knights from their prisoners, I think that needs to be changed, e.g. make the number of prisoners they have decrease over time, simulating the fact that they would constantly be selling them. Right now I can find bunches of 20 or so prussians, with 100 prisoners. I can kill the 20 prussians myself from my trusty stead, at level 1, and get 100 good troops, then take a town, kill a couple more prussians - now I have 60 knights and elite troops in my garnison, and it just gets too easy, thats within 3-4 ingame days.
But the new textures are just.. Yummy :smile: And I love the map, I just really want a bit more of a challange, so that I can spend longer enjoying your work.
How on earth do you pay the wages of the these 60 knights of yours ?

And please use the "edit" button to edit your post, it is generally considered good netiquette not to double or triple post.
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