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This is a pre-release version, it is not save compatible, and it will not be save compatible with future versions.  It's a testing version, fully playable, however things will change and a lot.  If you feel adventurous give it a try and see if you like the wages, combat tweaks and everything else that was put in.

It contains lots of new stuff, including the diplomacy mod, reinforcements and recruiter mod, music and much more.  It is also now available as an installer.

I intend to update this often, no patches though, they take too much of my time :smile:

- keep in mind the map is still WiP

I would appreciate feedback on combat balance, and, well everything really.
Installation guide by Arbor

Installation guide by Shar

Download Link for 0.95pre, the patch goes on top of this: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1942

changed patch 0.4
- 13 factions added (Kingdoms of Portugal, Aragon, Navarra, Crown of Castile, Emirate of Granada, Papal States, Roman Empire of Nicaea, Crusader States, Kingdom of Sicily, Mamluk Sultanate, The Latin Empire, Ilkhanate, Hafsid Dynasty)
- 1 troop tree
- new 'whom will you serve' screen
- recruit one or all available recruits from village/town/castle
- new battle AI for land battles
- sea battles, not finished
- added some new textures by kauauik
- crusade mode when Jerusalem captured, not finished
- diplomacy mod reintegrated
- HRE settlements/lords finalized
- French settlements moved
- missing upgrade paths fixed
- multiple veteran archer entries fixed
- movement speed when traveling by sea trippled
- movement speed when traveling by road doubles (roads are 'steppe' terrain type so this bonus also applies to steppe)
- tweaked how time passes again
- added a new menu 'mod options' under 'take an action' while camping, you can change travel speed there if you like
- some bugs fixed and some added
The number of changes is starting to make the 'patch' just too big, next release will be the full installer again.

The patch requires the original installer.  Please read the instructions on the download page closely.

Download Link for the 0.4 patch  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1949

changed patch 0.3

- Scandinavian settlements - completed
- Lithuania, Novgorod etc - completed
- some new banners
- scene files added

changed patch 0.2

- added some unfinished factions
- restored travel speeds to what they were
- added plenty of bugs
- and fixed some too


changed patch 0.1

- fixed starting village assignment
- tavern keepers will give information on the whereabouts of companions (you can ask once every 24hrs)
- added templar troop tree (not recruitable yet)
- added modified dialogues and companions from tk_klondke
- increased the number of lancers mongols get
- increased the number of recruits from villages/towns/castles
- probably more I don't remember right now
- movement speed on the map reduced 50%
I hate DSL upload speeds, that and this thing somehow grew to 500mb, about the size of the game installer.  What the....!

Oh yes, and I disabled all Sarranid stuff to save memory.  So if you're looking for Sarranid stuff it won't be there.
Would it be possible that the knight armors and other armors with cloth get the same flag as you have? So that your army really gets your color instead of only the shields.
Mordigen said:
Would it be possible that the knight armors and other armors with cloth get the same flag as you have? So that your army really gets your color instead of only the shields.

Looks good, othr, I am really looking forward to finishing my studies for today and hopefully test this out tonight.
I just finished the downlaod and ran the installer, not having a job has its benifits it seems, and ran into something a little strange. I ran the instaler and imidiatly it stated that the mod is made for version 1.113 and it also said that I had version 1.001 or some thing like that. According to Steam I have version 1.112. In the end it let me instal it but said that it will "likely not work". Any idea why this hapens?

I'll let you know how it works out after the instal.
-Wages are good, though the increase from tier one untis to tier two units seems a bit steep. Still managable but steep.

-Cavalry is a terror on the field. I have yet to fight a signifigant cavalry force but from what I have seen from what I have done from my horse they may be a little over powerd. At a moderate speed I can cut down sea raiders in mail armor and knights-erant with a single stroke of the sward I started with, geting between 120% and 130% speed bonous.

-I don't like the faction color for England. It is a minor thing but there you have it.

-The village that is granted to the player starting with England is in Scandinavia.
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