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With the recent and sad announcement that Bladecast is closing its doors, this also means the Discord bot created and maintained by them will shut down soon. This bot had the wonderful feature of querying any and/or all Warband servers to check the status of the servers without having to start the game, only to find all relevant servers are empty. We wouldn't want this feature to go, so I've recreated it in a new bot!

Introducing the Warband Server Monitor!​

(TL;DR: add it to your Discord server here)

This bot has the same functionality as the old Bladecast bot, updated to use the latest Discord API options, and with some new features. The bot uses two main commands:




This command can be used by any member of your server to check the serverlist for any servers matching one or more of the following criteria:
  • "module": The name of the module being ran on the server.
  • "name": The name of the server itself.
  • "map": The name of the map being used by the server.
  • "gamemode": The gamemode being ran by the server.
  • "no-empty-servers": Can be used to filter out empty servers, showing only those that have players.
The bot then returns a list of up to 6 servers matching those criteria, sorted by player count. It also shows the criteria that were used, so that other users understand what server(s) they are looking at.



This command allows a server administrator (and/or the server owner) to designate a channel where the bot posts one message with server information which is updated every minute. It has the following features:
  • The monitor can only be started, stopped, or edited by users who have a role that has administrator privileges, or by the server owner.
  • The following settings of the monitor can be adjusted:
    • The channel to place the monitor message in.
    • The module to filter the servers on, showing only servers of that module. If no module is set, the monitor shows the top servers across all modules.
    • The amount of servers to show in the message. Can be set between 1 and 17 (due to the limit of how big a message can be). Defaults to 6.
    • Changing these settings while the monitor is already running will immediately update it (no need to restart).
  • The message will be automatically updated every 60 seconds, to ensure the data is always up to date.

Add the Warband Server Monitor to your Discord server here!
Is it possible to add the command set_monitor_name to the monitor ? it's for now only possible as solo command, not refresh 1min configuration.

Thx a lot !
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