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disappointing about the game..

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"Some"? I think, the whole perk system as it is now should be revised. I mean, even the placement itself is a bit questionable - I do not understand how are the perks divided at all. You may level up your one-handed mastery, choosing perks for damage, and stuff, and suddenly you may stumble upon something like "Village hearth grow is now 2% bigger". "Is that a Steward branch?" you may think... but nah.

And some branches are almost impossible to level up. Engineering is one of the hardest, I suppose. It can only be levelled up during the sieges. You build some stuff in towns and castles? Oh, who cares. The greatest builders of all times mastered their art by making Onagers and Ballistas!
They spent months reworking perks, i don't want them to give us an empty tree again and spend months to get 2 perks at a time... As much as i agree with you, i am sure a mod after release will fix this problem. I do want them to implement what is missing and to make all perks give the main character something.

I suggested recently that governors should get engineering xp when they build stuff, I hope a dev see it and considers it. It is the most limited branch to level up. It would also make it worth it to pillage/devastate towns so your governors would gain engineering xp from a low level town faster (More things to build and less time to build them)
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