Disappearing troops solved!


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There are a couple posts about troops disappearing for unknown reasons and I finally figured out what is happening. When adding a character to your party through a quest it will automatically dismiss all non-companion troops from the bottom up to get to a total row count of 32 in the party screen. Doesn't matter what your morale is, how many of each kind of troop there is if there are more than 32 unique names in your party screen they will be removed to add the new quest character. So if you have for example 5 companions, yourself, and 30 different troop types, from the bottom up 5 different troop types will all be dismissed 32 - companions - yourself - new character = 25 so 30 -25 = 5 lost troops! Regardless of how many there are so if you have 40 winged hussars at the bottom and 40 german infantry and a mish mash of other filler above say goodbye to all of them. This seems like a crazy bug to get by for so long.

This bug doesn't seem to show itself until a quest character is getting added, so you can keep adding and adding mercs, rescued prisoners, etc, but hit a quest character and it pops up.