Disappearing companions, bug or feature?

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Since the latest updates (1.1.1/1.1.2) my companions disappear, because apparently there's a new system in place for companions to make it more balanced in terms of skills. I usually just added however more I needed and after 10 days usually they start disappearing 1 by 1, from my party. Encyclopedia is just gonna say they were lost. So is this a bug? Should I be reporting this? Or was this changed also for us not to add 9 million companions via console commands? Any answer is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
I know that the recycling of unhired companions/wanderers is the new intended behavior. For wanderers in your party, however, I think this may be a bug. FWIW, I have not seen this in my game in 30 or so hours on the latest version although I've heard others report it. Hope a Dev will provide an answer.
Well technically they are also not intended to be there, I haven't lost companions that I hired via the "intended" way, meeting them in a tavern, back story, pay. Only those that I added thru the console commands. Which is understandable because the game might think they aren't even truly there. But then again if it's a "feature" then that would make the companion command obsolete.

Edit #1: Forgot to add that it's an ironman playthrough with Birth and Death disabled, and also companion chance of dying in battle reduced by 100%
There is a mechanism where if you are over your companion limit then some will desert. Maybe this is what is happening in your game.
If you are over your companion limit, regardless of how you got there (usual recruitment, console) the "last in" companion will be "lost" within a few days. And not just out of your party, dead, lost, greyed out, forever.

This once lead to an annoying issue for me when Prince Radagad (Ravagad?) gave me his younger son to "teach him your valuable skills", but I was already at my companion limit...and Mimir "was lost". Awkward moment all around when explaining that little fiasco to the leader of the Sturgians...
You can see if there is a mod that raises the number of companions. Or you could just stick to maximum number of companions for your clan level. There are some perks you can choose at higher levels to increase the number.
At clan level 5 I can have 10, which is more than enough, given that Storyline adds quite a few (3 siblings, 2 of those can be married to add even 2 more).

I find I just raise them to lords to increase my kingdom
its got to be the game or bug b/c i play with no limit cap for companions i have it set to 100 limit but only have like 20 companions that ive hand selected and built from distinguished service mod (that makes any troop get promoted to an actual character) so me abusing that mod and the companion cap is up there but now i randomly get this companion is lost by simply waiting at a settlement or just travelling to a siege across the map. I honestly don't know how to fix this, I'm here just like you tryna find a solution or at least a definition on why or how or what it means to be lost. because im lost af right now haha.
Well to be honest the "unlimited cap" mod fixed it for me. I dunno what's happening in your game, mine is ironman sandbox.
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