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Disabling your character's voice on battle map?

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Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable your character's voice on the battle map when giving orders?
It just gets tiring listening to their commands stop and stutter each time you switch up commands. Especially if you're doing a bunch in a row.


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I agree, I'd also like to know how to mute stuff, like cheering,I can't stand while everybody is yelling in my ears while I look at the battle log!
I really hope that they will put a toggle for voice acting when they will implement it, that's the most useless and costly feature ever to me....


Yeah it's rough. If I'm trying to get a shield wall in place, spread some archers out, move some cavalry, also get them in formation, then attacking, defending etc etc etc all within the span of a few seconds, it's just constant noise from your character.
I want to be able to make swift commands without having to listen to a broken record.
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