Disable Weekly Tax Report Interruption for Every Individual Village/Town? WFAS

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Is there a way to disable the weekly tax reports for EVERY village/town under my control?  I have to click CONTINUE 100 times every week. 

I searched all over but am not finding a solution. 

Great game except for this bug.  Thanks. 

Stomach Cat

sorry to disrupt you guys for this is a very old topic
but i think i have to answer the question as no other solution on Internet

the samiliar way of this one Disable "village is being raided/been destroyed" pop-up messages" (2.005)
the different is the key words changed to ms_event_notification_about_gold_usage -1
and three strings need to be deleted but not just one
to locate the strings, i recommand you to search by 1 4 936
as a result the first number should be reduced 3 but not 1

the one problem is this change will totally move weekly fostress cost but not just ignore it

hope it can help anyone
If someone could make a mod for how to do this without actually changing the costs, just remove the pop up spam from all the hired officers being paid for, that would be awesome. And share the script/source changes, of course!

I'd be surprised if nobody ever made such a tweak for themselves.
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