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I understand that not everything in a game must be realistic to be fun but I don't see any reason why a player should be allowed to swing their weapon mid air. Not only is it unrealistic but it looks absolutely terrible and ruins immersion. In PVP players sometimes use this to dodge lances and spears and also get an easier hit on the cavalry.
Have to disagree: jump attacks are important for melee players, and they rule.

There may be problems with certain extremely long weapons when combined with the huge backwards leaps you can do in the game right now, but getting rid of jumping attacks isn't the solution.
They've been an aspect of native Mount & Blade multiplayer

The only real problem its causing atm is the annoying slash with a 2h, jump and run away to not have to block, rinse and repeat, for which a change to speed or something would be more suitable.
It's the only way to effectively kill cavalry.

This +1000

Try hitting a stopped cav player with a 1H while your feet are planted in the ground. Due to Bannerlord's convoluted "physics" based combat system, hitting a motionless horseman does only 2-5 damage for some reason. A clean, flush hit just bounce right off him for some insane reason. Even with the right distance, weapon sweet spot, and angle, your weapon will just glance for negligible damage to either the rider or the horse. As it currently stands, the only way to damage a cavalryman as inf w/o a spear is to do a jump slash -and even then half the time the invisible horse force-field will probably stagger you before your weapon reaches the rider.

So no OP, disabling jump attacks would be a very bad idea. For some of us, it's our only saving grace vs. cavalry.
Jump attacks were one of the most fun and satisfying things to do in Warband, especially against cavalry. It was a strong part of what kept me playing the game and why I liked it so much.

The feeble jumping in Bannerlord is already bad enough as it is. There probably was some effort put into it, to account for the new physics-based system, but not only does it feel much less exciting, it also feels unconvincing - ironically similar to very old versions of M&B.

It might be fine for relaxed play in SP, if you don't jump a lot, but in the context of MP, it just feels incredibly lackluster.
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