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Additionally: when we click on consider making peace, then we do not automatically have peace, but a barter menu appears with the ambassador of this faction. Degree of relations with other states: • sign a non-aggression pact (this is the first step towards improving relations between factions) (if 2 factions are simultaneously fighting with 3 factions, then they have more desire to sign a non-aggression pact. For example, Vlandia and Sturgia are at war with Battania, then Vlandia and Sturgia have meaning in the conclusion of the contract). • propose a marriage union (only yourself and your relatives, no companions, if you are the leader of a dynasty, then you can also marry for your vassal clan, but only with the clan leader or his children, just as no companions). • defensive alliance (obliges both sides to intercede for each other, if you are attacked, if you attacked someone, then your ally will not come to your aid). • a military alliance (we can offer our ally to attack another state together, there will be a dialogue with the leader of the allied state: - “What do you think about us attacking another state together?” - “Which state do you want attack? "This is the answer of the leader of the allied state, after his answer appears a list of all states that we can attack. Also military alliance = defensive alliance, that is, if you are attacked, the ally will intercede for you). • economic union (together with our ally, we can declare an embargo against another state. The embargo can be implemented in 2 ways: a caravan cannot enter the city or caravans can enter a city, but they will have to pay additional fees for entering the city). • unite 2 kingdoms into an empire. We can talk to the leader of another kingdom and ask him if he wants to create an empire with us (in the dialogue) or if he does not want we can pay him to agree to become a part of the empire (in the barter menu) (this is a peaceful way to create empire), in order to create an empire in a peaceful way, we must have a military and economic alliance with this kingdom. Optional: Also add the ability to break any union. Demand hostages .. We can demand the child (or relatives) of the lords or the king during the signing of the peace treaty as a guarantor of peace that they will not attack us. When we receive a child, he will be with us until his eighteenth birthday, upon reaching the age of 18 we have a choice of what to do with him: leave him with us or send him home. The longer he is with us, the greater the chance that he will consider us his family (for example: we got a child when he was 9 years old and after 9 years he was completely assimilated) and act in our interests. If his faction attacks us, then we can execute the child without any moral consequences. Take another state under your protectorate. If you win the war and inflict a stunning defeat on the enemy, then we can force him to stand under our protectorate and if he agrees, then an empire is automatically created (a military way to create an empire). Make another state pay tribute to us. We can choose: the period until which the tribute will be paid and the amount of dinars that will be paid per day. For example: we have chosen that the tribute will be paid to us for the next 50 days in the amount of 2,000 dinars per day, and in total after 50 days we will have 100,000 dinars. Attack another state. We can pay one state to attack another state (list of all factions). Make peace with the faction. We can pay one state to make peace with another state (list of all factions).
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