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Diplomacy is a really required stuff.
1) During my compaign in conspiracy episode lots of factions started to declare the war at me and I couldn't fight them all and I each type went to the enemy faction lord and pay the money for peace that is time consuming.
Decision: We can have an option at least to have an option to pay a tribute for faction for some days, month to not fight them or be in statuse of satelite.
2) Creation of unions with other factions against enemies.
3) Ambasador units? Or ambasador perk for your clan member to communicate with other factions
4) to demand a tribute function from weak factions
5) the borders of the kingdom. All armies just traveling through your lands and recruiting your peasents. I hope that there will be a state borders that in case you will brake will have a punishment and other type of reaction. You need to obtain approval from the kingdom leader to obtain permition to path his lands and even to pay money to do so for some period of time.