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Currently the AI diplomacy just sucks, it's all scripted and the choices don't make sense (example: proposing peace after just losing a fief, with a balance of strength in favor). Also, I think it would be much more immersive and realistic to use diplomacy through diplomats.
How the modder Katarn2000 of Diplomacy Fixes imaged this and all the rest, exactly fits my though:


Messengers can be sent to any character through that character's Encyclopedia page. Messengers can also be sent to kingdom leaders through the Kingdom Diplomacy page. Sending messengers costs influence. These costs can be configured through the Mod Options page on the main menu.

Note: As of v1.1.5 messengers will not arrive when the player is engaged in another event, like a siege, raid, or staying at a settlement. This was done to prevent some crashes until I am able to work it out. If the player is on the world map doing other things, messengers will arrive.

Edit (me): How it should work practically? Via dialog screen.


Factions can form alliances with one another. Allies cannot declare war on one another. Alliances in Diplomacy Fixes are defensive alliances (as of v1.5.7) where a faction will declare war on an aggressor of their ally. Factions will not declare war if their ally is the aggressor in a war.

Willingness to form an alliance is based on:
  • Existing Alliances (kingdoms with existing alliances usually do not want to ally)
  • Relations between the faction leaders (higher relation is better)
  • Common Enemies (more common enemies is better)
  • Kingdom Strength (weaker factions want to ally)
  • Expansionism (the lower your faction's expansionism, the better)

Non-Aggression Pacts​

Factions can form non-aggression pacts with one another. These are limited duration agreements (configurable in the mod options) that prevent these factions from declaring war on one another.

Usurp the throne of a Kingdom​

Note: this feature is still being balanced.
The player can usurp the throne of kingdoms in the game. When the throne is usurped, the player clan becomes the ruling clan of the kingdom. The player clan pays influence equal to the total influence of the ruling clan. The former ruling clan loses all of their influence. This feature is accessible in the Kingdom Management Clan page when the player clan is selected.

The usurping clan needs to have both:
  • more influence than the ruling clan
  • more supporting clan tiers than the ruling clan
You need higher relations with a clan than the ruling clan to gain the support of their clan tiers.

Grant fiefs to clans in your kingdom​

As a ruler of a kingdom, the player can grant fiefs to other clans in their kingdom. Granting fiefs will raise relations with that clan, with the relation gain related to the prosperity of the fief. The higher the prosperity, the higher the relation gain. A ruler may want to claim fiefs for themselves to later grant them to their clan of choice.

Claiming fiefs that you captured​

The ability to claim player-taken settlements without a vote was introduced in v1.1.3. Immediately upon taking a settlement, you will have the option to claim it for yourself. This will bypass the vote and give you your settlement!

Improved Diplomacy User Interface​

This mod redesigns some of the user interfaces in the game to show valuable information to the player. The Kingdom Management Diplomacy page has received numerous updates. Various features have also been added to the Kingdom Management Clan page and Encyclopedia.

Vassal Diplomacy Control​

The player may want to control the politics of their faction without being the ruler. The setting "Enable Player Kingdom Diplomacy Control" will allow the player to propose alliances, non-aggression pacts, peace, and war without being the ruler of the kingdom. Influence and gold costs will still be paid for the player, although the relationship modifiers for the diplomatic agreements will still be based on the ruler's relations.

War Exhaustion​

War exhaustion is a mechanic that was introduced in v1.1.0. This is a score that builds up over time until it forces a kingdom to make peace with another kingdom. Contributing factors include:

  • Duration of the war
  • Casualties
  • Settlements Lost
  • Villages Raided
Currently, the score required for an AI faction to propose peace with either the player or another AI faction is 100. The amount of war exhaustion incurred by an event is configurable in the mod options page!


Expansionism is a score tracked for each kingdom in the game. This score will impact your ability to form diplomatic agreements with other factions. If your expansionism score is too high, other factions will not want to be associated with you. This penalty will prevent factions from expanding aggressively or becoming extremely large without consequences.

Expansionism is gained by besieging and capturing settlements, and slowly decays away. There is a certain amount of base expansionism for each settlement that will not decay away.

Donate Money to Lords​

The player can donate gold to other clans in their kingdom. Donating money will raise their relations with the clan that they are donating to.

Influence Balancing​

Clans tend to stockpile influence as the game progresses. Because influence is so plentiful in the late game, it leads to unintended behaviors by the AI. Late in the game, clans leading kingdoms tend to claim most of the fiefs taken by their kingdom because they have enough influence to override every election. Clans have enough influence to form armies at any time, leading to large armies traversing the land more often than smaller groups. Because clans have so much influence, they initiate a lot of kingdom proposals that lead to frequent elections in a kingdom. This mod makes an attempt to balance influence.


Corruption is a mechanic that incurs a daily influence cost when a clan holds too many fiefs. A clan can hold a number of fiefs equal to their clan tier before incurring a corruption penalty. e.g. a clan with tier 5 is able to hold 5 fiefs with no penalty.

Influence Decay​

Influence as a use-it-or-lose-it resource solves many of the issues outlined above. The mod will assess a a daily influence cost when a clan is carrying too much influence. Once the clan has a reasonable influence bank, this decay will cease.
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