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Good morning to everyone!
I would like to make suggestions regarding the game on ps4 (unlike pc players, we can't use mods to improve individual aspects of the game), so, here I am.
First of all, I think some improvements on diplomacy need to be done.
1) I believe that if a faction is deprived of its lands, it does not consequently have the possibility of putting together enormous armies: it is right that they put together small groups that attack villages, but it is hardly credible to me that after 2-3 shifts they show up in groups of 2-3000, with last level troops, to besiege large cities.
2) during the war with other factions, I believe that the criteria by which the percentages of peace declarations are increased should be improved. For example: if I conquer 2/3 enemy cities/castles, it seems absurd to me that in the declaration of peace, my kingdom has to pay them; or, if my kingdom is continuously deprived of cities/castles, it is absurd that my lords continue to want to fight even if they find themselves with armies of 200 people against 2000 opponents.
One could think of an exchange system for example: make peace in exchange for 1/2 city/castle chosen by the winning faction?

3) during the war with other factions, if I fight against large enemy armies and defeat them, I think it's difficult that after only one turn of peace this faction has again available troops of very high level and in large quantities (as if they had never suffered extensive damage).
I think they are the most important things at the moment, as I get ideas, I will continue to write!
4) clearly, another suggestion concerns the defeat of the factions: if a faction has no more lands, as Warband, it would be advisable for it to be eliminated and for the lords to ally with other kingdoms or to leave the game
5) I believe, the criterion of the management of the allied forces divided between rebels and enemies should be reviewed. Currently I have noticed that all allied armies (4 out of 4 in my case) concentrate on a rebelled city, to the detriment of a three front war: shouldn't it make more sense for only one of the armies to fight the rebels, while the others fight on the front?

I used to play Diplomacy some time ago and remember, that I could demand 3 types of ransom from enemy lords in my prison: small, medium and huge, which lead to honour lose. Not I can't see those options. Any ideas?
"Diplomacy" is a mod? I wrote this post for some ps4 improvements..we have nothing similar so the game is veeeery difficult :lol:
After half map conquered it's impossible move on
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