Diplomacy and marriages

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First of all I really want to say that I am glad thet Bannerlord is out and I am looking forward to playing the hell out of it when it is a proper game. That is not even meant in a bad way, I just think it is a fact that Bannerlord just is far from being a finished game.

However there is a thing which I think is an improvement to Warband, but still needs lots of love:

The kingdoms and their more complex hierarchy. Having whole Clans with family members and important people instead of just having Lords and their wives and maybe one or two children. Definitely an upgrade in that regard and I see the potential for not only a cool campaign, but also for adding a complex diplomacy- and relationship system. It would give the player more freedom in what kind of way he wants to work his way up. Imagine taking the throne of a kingdom by throwing the current king over with well played diplomatic actions. Or getting rid of an opposing chieftain by turning his clan against him. I know these Ideas are probably very utopic, but at least something in that direction would make sense in a medieval sandbox game. Also what I REALLY miss is a mechanic to ally with clans and kingdoms. In Warband a marriage had absolutely no effect on politics whatsoever which let me down a little since these were just a tool for lords and kings to forge bonds and increase their power and influence.

I hope it is worth to take into account.