SP Native Diplomacy 4.litdum(v1.0 released - 05.07.2022)

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Hello Sir How Are You I Hope You Are Fine You Are Really Cool I Will Have A Request From You Could You Add Customize The Fashion Soldier Outfit I Want To Change Our Soldiers Clothes Please Do This Looking Forward To Your Reply As Soon As Possible Best Regards Jacques De Molay.

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I've noticed that some features don't work, like skirmish mode. My companions also refuse to use bows while on horseback, even with the toggle... toggled. I've been loving this mod and I really wish you'd release the source files so that people can fix the small issues and tweak things to their liking.


Hmm I have a question,, can we marrying a claimant? I have finished claimant quest, and i also have 1 town and 1 village. And also my character have a good relationship with Isola. So,, can my character marrying isolla like floris mod? Thanks:smile:


First thanks so much for replying!

The renown gold xp honor changes were to speed up the early game thereby giving players a choice to say to themselves. "I like early game I will continue or time to get into politics be a vassal king etc.,". I like being able to give players the choice.

I'm glad you like the new faces. They are from here. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,348561.0.html. The original creator is gone but thankfully backups were made.

The female voice you included were good, just a little too high pitched and it hurt my ears. I did play with the female voices you included for several hours to test by having lots of female in my party and my ears were hurting me a little bit. If I knew how I would lower the pitch and slow down the voice by 6 or 7 percent. It was just easier for me to revert to native female voice.

Brainy bots is really interesting. When in a scene hit f5 for the configuration menu. It basically makes the bots very lethal and makes them fight like a real human. Giving them the ability to shield bash and kick. Here is the link with very detailed info on how everything works with video http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/6033/?

I understand completely about not releasing the modules. Just really excited about the direction of this mod!

About the mayors in the castles I always found it odd that there were mayors in villages and towns and by speaking with them you can affect them but not for castles. Its really great to add one to castles and have some influence over the castle.

Another idea I had was castle sabotage. Bribing the mayor to release a prisoner. Bribing the mayor to poison food and the garrison gets lower by a certain percentage.

I did not release this submod anywhere else besides this topic. I definitely understand to ask for permission to do so. It would be a different story if this were a dead mod and the mod author completely disappeared no where to be found but this mod is very much alive!
Hey Litdum, what was the name of the original creator of those faces? I'm trying to search for him but it's being impossible, the original post is deleted...

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Take a look at the OSP resources, there are varying packs with faces. Perhaps you can refind it there.

Edit: I asked Janus for that old thread, it has had the title "[OSP] New Female Head Model, Face Textures, and Hairstyles" By Shik. It has however already been deleted before the migration to the new forum has happened and is thus not retrievable for us.
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