SP Native Diplomacy 4.litdum(v1.0 released - 05.07.2022)

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First of all, I really love this mod. I did my first and only complete playthrough with this very mod. So big thanks!

Right now I am searching for a decent musket era singleplayer mod. (I played WfaS) I tried L'Aigle, it has fantastic uniforms and weapon models, and also some cool features but it's in alfa and I was missing many features from this mod. I tried Independencia de Chile and some more , but non of them was as complete as this mod.

So I was thinking the best would be a Diplomacy Litdum 4.Musket era mod.
Swadia = France (strenght: cuirassiers)
Nord => England (line infantry)
Rhodok => German provinces (jägers)
Vaegirs => Russia (uhlans)
Khergits => Poland/Hungary (hussars)
Sarranids => Turkey (artillery)
Get some uniforms, weaponry, and scenes from other great mods (with permission), put it in Litdums fantastic mod, add a few extra features and Calradia is ready for some perfect musket era bloodshed.

I know it is easier sad then done, and well, I lack knowledge, experience and time to do it.
I am just curious if maybe someone (Litdum?) would make it, so me and some other lucky bastards can take their time until bannerlord will be released around 2022.

Thanks for your attention.


Could you add the fief system and upgrade trees like Lords of Calradia?
And make the number of people drinking in the tavern related to the prosperity?


OK, so IMHO the nice stuff would be a fix of Swadians stats. Seriously, the power draw3 for Sharpshooter is a mistake... And riding 3 for infantrys.... TaleWorlds failed with swadia :/


user883 said:
If text is unreadable on a Mac, delete ./Data/font_data.xml and ./Textures/font.dds

This one should be sticked to first post, I was looking for solution for hours!

Big Thanks!


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I have only just started playing this mod, and I am enjoying it, keep up the good work.

I have not played enough to make any constructive comments, but there has clearly been some hard work put into it, but I am only at day 55, so I will post again when I get to being a King  :wink:
I'm not sure if others would agree with me on this, but i wish to see a version of the mod without PBOD. Perhaps an optional patch much like what the Perisno devs did. I like the depth added by the whole AI and formations system but I just can't go back to native battle size after playing with 300+ battle sizes. PBOD makes battles anything above 200 a complete lagfest for my PC.


Just wanted to say that i used your mod for my first serious play-through of Warband and now you've actually ruined other modules for me; they are just not as nice to play as your mod with all it's features. I also think you made good choices on the new textures in that they retain that "native feel" for me. Hope to see more from you in the future!


Great mod! I love the changes it brings and the way it doesn't change too much from the native experience..... but, can you please please remove the female face replacement or release an alternative version? Believe me I've been trying all week and the weekend to change it to native but the closet I've come is being able to get it to load but having male hair and beards clip into their face and the female heads still looking a bit odd. It's just too complex for me.

If anyone can help on this issue it would be much appreciated.

Btw I come bearing gifts. Below is an upgraded cleavage texture for the wandering woman + some files you could possibly use in a future update ie (imo) Better plains, steppe and snow textures. Colorized images for dialogue screens. And textures for those who would like a more Native UI... but with some differences. There's also a few audio files which sound better imo (They sound similar to the originals only less pornish and better quality... one or two may be the same audio clip.)


I take no credit for the texture files included except for the alteration to the cleavage  :shock:


Having some nerve inducing issues with friendly lords and their troops during combat. The problem is their "tactics" it's just stupidly ridiculous. While the enemy has a wall of crossbows just volleying their infantry, the lord get's all footman and ranged in a single ball and walks forward and backward in a loop. Some times only walking forward at 10 paces a HOUR. So many times my party lost hugely over numbered fights because my friendlies are basically cones in the field.
Never experienced this behavior on diplomacy or vanilla games before. Is there a option or something I can do to change or get rid of this?


@litdum From year and little more you keep silence. Will you plan to continue this mod or already gave up? If you do not intend to continue please share the source with community. Most of the guys here like very much your work and I'm shure everybody want to add something small extra(tuning) to his personal game. Most of us don't have a time to start from zero or a not so good like you to make their own mod. I will tell you again: in my opinion this is the best mod that I have played till now, but I miss in my game some extras from the other modes. As example:I want to add personal kill counter like in Prophesy of Pendor, some small tweeks in the relation between player and his(future) wife and etc.
Please give us clarity about your intentions!

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This mod looks like it could be great, I'll just need to edit some troop trees for more branches. Perhaps a little editing of party sizes and a few other tweaks that I would really like to use the source files to edit.

How does this mod handle battle sizes? Is it horrible stuttering like in Floris or do 500 man battles run smoothly like in Viking Conquest?


Is there a way to get the enemy on the horizon warning only for the relevant enemies like in Floris Evolved? I don't want to get interrupted because of a 5 men looter group.


The mod is absolutely marvelous, I dare say it's one of the best mods that exist for this game, truly a genius invention. I especially love the immersive new armors. It always bothered me that Lords wore such crappy helmets or armor, I like that you can give back or exchange fiefs with other lords and can join their families and that now you can see their personality from the report section.

But you know what would make the mod even MORE awesomely amazing? Extra quests! Like those from WB enhanced where they had all those new interesting quests from lords, ladies, towns, villages it was huge, but the rest from that mod pales compared to LITDUM!


Is there an extended "manual" or readme file that would explain the different options give in the pre battle deployment & formations section?

1) What is hold position vs stand ground?

2) Formation explanations...

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious. I love the mod!
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