SP Native Diplomacy 4.litdum(v0.3 released - 09.05.2017)

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Hello Sir How Are You I Hope You Are Fine You Are Really Cool I Will Have A Request From You Could You Add Customize The Fashion Soldier Outfit I Want To Change Our Soldiers Clothes Please Do This Looking Forward To Your Reply As Soon As Possible Best Regards Jacques De Molay.

Loot Repeat

I've noticed that some features don't work, like skirmish mode. My companions also refuse to use bows while on horseback, even with the toggle... toggled. I've been loving this mod and I really wish you'd release the source files so that people can fix the small issues and tweak things to their liking.


Hmm I have a question,, can we marrying a claimant? I have finished claimant quest, and i also have 1 town and 1 village. And also my character have a good relationship with Isola. So,, can my character marrying isolla like floris mod? Thanks:smile:
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