Dionisia (Custom Order Equipment, +) for 0.960 Updated: Mon, July 7

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silverkatana said:
It's at the head of a river near Suno.  It's hard to see, as its text blends into the background. 

Also, good news.  It looks like dynamically toggling Huscarl bows and Rhodok wimpiness is much easier than I had realized.  Probability of inclusion has gone way up.

Top of page 2. Nice.
bob505 said:
What is the point of this mod? I downloaded it but there was absolutely no difference to native. Am missing something?

Go to the castle, noobster. You can recruit any kind of NPC there, buy what ever you want, and cheat BIG TIME!
But first you gotta go around and  find the places!  :lol:
An option to make it so that npc quest givers (village elders, lords, ect.) always have qests available, would be appreciated.

Nice Mod,
Silverkatana: I registered simply to say that out of the 15+ mods I've played, yours is quite simply the best.

Biggest reasons:
Clever, witty dialogue
Incredible castle, that runs fine (60+FPS at all times)
Trying to open new options to the player, as opposed to restricting them

It'd be amazing if you could, like, expand your dialogue-writing to include adding a few custom NPCs to each city.
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