Dionisia (Custom Order Equipment, +) for 0.960 Updated: Mon, July 7

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Latest Updates in Maroon.  Current Version = 2.1

Okay, as I find 0.960 to be hugely annoying, I've updated some parts of Dionisia for 0.960.

Native gameplay is good, it could just be better.  As I doubt that my definition of 'better' is the same as yours, I have endeavored to make all changes optional.  To that end, every feature listed below is turned off by default; you turn them on (and off again) in-game by talking to various NPC's.  The only exceptions to this "opt-in" philosophy are minor and mostly unavoidable, such as the addition of a new neutral castle on the world map.

  • Custom Order any item found in Native, including the pistol and other silly stuff.
  • Custom Order almost any troop found in Native, including Sword Sisters, Sea Raiders, and many more.
  • Toggle Auto-Retreat on and off.  When auto retreat is off, you will no longer automatically lose battles when you are knocked unconscious, and you can select any active troop for the camera to follow around the battlefield.
  • Increase/Decrease the number of reinforcement waves sent to battles and sieges.  Useful if you're sick of fighting 10+ increasingly easy battles in a row.
  • Toggle archery and cavalry in tournaments on and off.  Useful if you think tournament archery and/or horses is/are stupid.
  • Toggle NPC quitting on and off.  If quitting is off, NPC's will still whine and complain, but they'll always be happy and will never desert.
  • Select/Reselect your custom banner.  If you don't have one yet, you can give yourself one.  If you chose a stupid one, you can choose another one.
  • Toggle forest battles on and off.  If you hate fighting in forests, this is for you.  Terrain is still randomly generated and terrain-appropriate, minus the forest part.
  • Toggle snow battles on and off.  If you never go anywhere near Curaw because you think glaciers are freaking ridiculous, here you go.  The world map will still look "snowy", but the game will think snow=grass when it comes to missions.  Note this will not change snowy scenes.
  • Toggle Native debug mode on and off.  If you want to check out what cheating bastards Armagan et al are, this is for you.
  • Toggle Chel and Mirathei's battle formation and morale mod on and off.  (Updated)
  • Toggle Fei Dao-esque stronger Rhodoks on and off. [/color] 
  • Toggle Nord Huscarl bows on and off.
  • Toggle better Lord reinforcements on and off.
  • Toggle automatically regenerating cartridges on and off.
  • Toggle loot sorting on and off.
  • A few other minor touches.  I'm not going to give away everything.

Known Bugs/Issues:
  • After a certain period of time, NPC's stop responding to commands.  Because of this, NPC's in the main castle scene will start running instead of walking.  As far as I know, this is unfixable in 0.960.
  • The "death camera" can be a little jittery at times, and is much better at following dismounted troops.  Probably won't be "fixed" (it still works very, very well) until 1.0, if ever.
  • The main castle scene will rape your computer unless you have a fairly modern machine.  In sensitivity to your plight (don't feel bad, "High" detail is too much for my PC too) you can decrease the number of scene props if necessary.
  • The menu picture for the castle looks horrible.  If someone knows why it's not blending into the menu, please let me know.
  • Just because forests are turned off doesn't mean there won't be trees in the battle scene.  This is because the randomly generated non-forest terrain can still have trees on it.  If you want absolutely no trees at all, Talak has a nice mod that you should look at.
  • When auto-retreat is off, you can get stuck in an infinite loop of castle defense sieges.  Thanks to orbitup, will be fixed soon.
  • In certain cases, your equipment order may not be filled properly.  Thanks to Boomie, will be fixed soon.
  • It might be possible to 'break' some doors in the castle scene.  Will try to duplicate Vicrry's report. 
  • I'm sure this list will grow...

Future Plans:
None, don't ask.  If the mood strikes, I may put Gualterio and Blackwater back in, but, for now, they're a no-go.  If someone makes a nice suggestion for another "mini-feature" I might consider adding it in.  Maybe.  That being said:

Currently Suggested Future Features:
If you really, really, want one of these features included, let me know.  As it is, this list is primarily for my benefit, so I don't forget something.  Also, probabilities are what you would call rough guidelines; I reserve the right to change my mind with no notice.
  • Updated Castle and Prison Guards.  Probability: 0%
  • More firearms.  Qualified Probability: 0% 
  • More mini-missions.  Probability until 1.0: 0%
  • Upgradeable Castle (Blackwater) and Hero Horse (Gualterio).  Probability until 1.0: 0%
  • No horses toggle, suggested by Magua.  Current Probability: 10%

Help and Suggestions Wanted, Sort Of.
If the mood strikes you, the mod is a little graphically challenged.  I created and defined a new icon, banner, some swords, and a menu picture, but they're all just Native meshes and textures.  The one exception is the menu picture, but that looks pretty bad, and I don't consider it anything but a placeholder.  So, if any of those items strike your modding fancy, knock yourself out.  Get your name in lights and all that jazz.

Suggestions are welcome; I couldn't really think of anything else all that annoying about Native, so I didn't add anything else.  If you have any brilliant ideas and/or outstanding complaints about Native, let me know.  I might even listen.  :wink:

  • The people across the street who play mariachi music all freaking day, every freaking day.  Thank you, I'm now brain damaged.
  • Electricity; without you, I might actually go outside more often.  No skin cancer here!
  • The Big Bang.  Seriously, I couldn't have done this without you.  You're my hero.
  • Thorgrim and Janus, for BRF Edit and the mod install script.
  • Chel, for his battle morale scripts.
  • Mirathei, for his battle formations scripts.
  • Zendarian, for some good suggestions.
  • Kraven, for whining about cartridges.
  • Fei Dao, for making Rhodoks slightly less pathetic.
  • Shack, for pointing out what a moron I am.
  • Servitor, for indicating how dumb I am.

Download Linky Thing:
Not Savegame Compatible with v1, Probably v2 Compatible.
(Thanks again to Janus for the Repository.)

Bug Reports
Are always appreciated.  Post up about what a moron I am.  Everything from spelling and grammar mistakes to thermonuclear meltdowns is fair game.

Fixed Bugs in Dionisia960v2:
  • You can no longer steal from Dionisia.  I think.
  • You can custom order horses now.
  • Rhodok Troop Trainer dialog no longer hangs.
Fixed Bugs in Dionisia960v2.1:
  • Reinforced polearms in Dionisia's shop are now balanced, as intended.
Oh, snap! Nice to see Dionisia make a comeback. I noticed you mentioned not to ask about future plans, so I won't ask about building your own castle to make a reappearance :wink: Oh, did you include the source in the download? Are you going to release the source?
Yes, snow.  Snow that never, ever, goes away.  I've actually got no problem at all with the concept of snow, It's just the perpetual state of whiteness in one region that bugs me.  This is Calradia, not Narnia.  At any rate, if you like the snow, I'm not forcing you to turn it off.

HardCode said:
Oh, did you include the source in the download? Are you going to release the source?
Right now the source is in a pretty sorry state.  I will release the source eventually, but probably not until 1.0 comes out and I can make things "pretty" for the last time.  If there's any specific functionality you (or anybody else) are really curious about, let me know.
Would you consider adding Chel's Battle Morale and Mirathei's formations as an option you can toggle?
Zendarian said:
Would you consider adding Chel's Battle Morale and Mirathei's formations as an option you can toggle?

Actually, that would be simple.  It won't mesh seamlessly with the "no-retreat" option (you'll still be able to give commands when you're unconscscious) but otherwise looks very doable.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's in the first bug fix. 
More suggestions:

Would you also include the option toggle Huscarl bows on and off and BoW style loot sorting?( Most expensive loot comes first in list.)

Any plans for "fixing" the cartridges, its getting on my nerves that it doesnt refill itself.
Loot sorting:  Actually, I had intended to do that, I just forgot.  It's now unforgotten.
Pistol Ammo:  In principle that wouldn't be very difficult.  It's possible.
Huscarl Bows:  Maybe.  If that turns into a popular request, I'll check it out.

I can't find Castillo del Augila, where is it, in whose territory. quick reply would be really nice :smile:
It's at the head of a river near Suno.  It's hard to see, as its text blends into the background. 

Also, good news.  It looks like dynamically toggling Huscarl bows and Rhodok wimpiness is much easier than I had realized.  Probability of inclusion has gone way up.
This is great, I love the dialogue with all the people at the castle. :smile:

I jumped off the top, but didn't lose any health... Sad, really.

Anyway, I noticed that in the armor chest (first one, with the noble outfit and everything), I noticed that most of the clothes had the same texture (noble outfit), but had different names, like the Nordic armor I saw looked like (and had the icon of) the noble outfit. Is this a bug?
How do you assemble the NPCs for war as shown on the 1st post screen shot?  If that really is possible.. that would be awesome.
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