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Different People

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Yiyang Chen

  Well th original game has only two kinds of people(three kinds in M&B, two in Warband), but the game can't only women and men, there should be different kinds of women and men, tall people short people fat people skin people kids and old people, and babies as items held by pregnant mothers etc.

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It's possible to do this. But if you want it, you better learn how to and do it yourself  :neutral:. AFAIK no one made it yet.


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You can modify the items people wear, limit the facial structure to look fat, and limit them to wearing the modified clothing. This will work for fat. Taller and shorter have been done, but it involves skeletal work as well as item modification.


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Well if you want longer and smaller people, you will have to make one armor for each "race", wont you?

Yiyang Chen

BTW is there anyway so I can make clothes only one race can wear? I mean short clothes for short people instead of ending up looking like tall people have an invisable part


Code Pope
Restrict the item from being looted (add itp_unique), prevent it from showing up in shops (remove itp_merchandise), and add it to the troops you intend to be short people.
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