Die Landsknechte (International Clan)

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The Landsknechte

The German Landsknechts, sometimes also rendered as Landsknechte, were colourful mercenary soldiers with a formidable reputation who became an important military force through late 15th- and 16th-century Europe. Consisting predominantly of German mercenary pikemen and supporting foot soldiers, they achieved the reputation for being the universal mercenaries of early modern Europe - Wikipedia

"Summer of the year 1657. It has been nearly 10 years now, since the civil war in our homeland was over. A time of war, suffering and religion. Neither the Swedes, nor the Danes are attacking us any longer. Even the Dutch have been at peace with the Spaniards for a few years. But peace is not a good time for us Landsknechte. The war rages on in Europe, but not here. We hear the sound of gunpowder fireing in the east, so this shall be the direction we follow. The morale is high, as we engage new battlefields, and new payment from those who wish to hire us." - Diary of Hauptmann Benjamin  Boshoff

Landsknechte                                               Jómsvíkingar

Landsknecht_Hautpmann_Ben                              Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Friederich                                          Dreki Felagi Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Valdemar                                    Valbjörn Vaeringjar Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Karyl                                              Folkbjorn_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Valerius                                        Valgardr_Eidsvari_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Johannes                                          Haakon Huskarl Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Fritz                                              Friedgeir_Huskarl_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Erhart                                                Olafr_Huskarl_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Nils                                                    Wyglaff_Friski_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Albert                                                Brynjolf_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Anton                                                Asger_Huskarl_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Wilhelm                                              Sigurdr_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Hans                                                  Ansgar_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Heinrich                                              Eldgrim_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Weregar                                              Skur_Svennr_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Ruyter                                                Skaldnir_Skald_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_ Berthold                                            Bothvar_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Wolfgang                                          Walafrid_Svennr_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Gunnolf                                              Gunnolf_Svennr_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Fons                                                      Fons_Friski_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Kapitan_Vinzenz                                  Skardr_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Rudolf:                                              Randolph_Felagi_Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Anund:  (to be changed)                      Anund Huskarl Jomsborg
Landsknecht_Hallsteinn                                              Hallsteinn Svennr Jomsborg
1. A necessary thing that you will need is a german name from the period in which the Deluge takes part in. You can find such names in the internet.

2.You don't need to know german! We are a international clan, so english will be the only language you need to be able to speak and understand.

3. You should be able to deal with madness, because we are a bunch of maniacs sometimes. Just a warning in case you should join but be confused about some member's behaviour. Don't think wrong, we are serious in situations in which we need to be.

4. An important information: We are actually a Vikingr clan, we also play other mods like Vikingr, Viking Conquest and others. On our teamspeak, we always have our norse names on.

Steam group and contact details
Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/die-landsknechte

Steam contact: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052536598 (Hauptmann Ben / Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg

Teamspeak:  rccclan.com

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Faenwulf said:
Backpedalling Landsknechtformations? Well, that won't work Ragnar! Not at all!
Oh yeah? Well,we will see about that!

Hands down, you can't even backpedall in Deluge so we will just try to actually hit something with a musket. But as a former hoary hound, I'm looking forward to help out the lucky dogs in events, since they are Vikingr veterans aswell and simply to enjoy the Deluge and the events.


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Fellas, we are still recruiting! If you are looking for an english-speaking clan, we advice ourselves to you.