Did I just delete a vassal clan member when changing age?

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I wanted to give an instant child to a vassal clan member (instead waiting for her to become pregnant), so I reduced another clan member's age to 14, supposed to be her daughter.

Well, the daughter disappeared. The clan now has only 2 members (encyclopedia clan's page). Not found in the clan page, not found in Encyclopedia.

Will she grow up and appear later or was she deleted?
You ****ing psycho killer killed her to death for your own selfish desires!!! Shame on you!!!!! Shame!!!!!!!
"Killed to death"? Isn't that the same as "killed"?

I fixed it. Went to earlier save. Now the daughter has never existed. Instead trying the "natural way" to make a daughter for her. (If the result is son, I may need to "fix" him). Takes a lot longer, but then again I may use the "Grow up"-button in encyclopedia. Dunno how it works, haven't tried yet.

Oh man, the "natural way" might not work. The child should be in the same clan as her mother... but the game puts the child in my clan. Hmmm. Maybe there is a choise to select which clan she goes to. I once saw game ask the question about a bastard child. Haven't yet any children that grew up to adulthood so I don't know.
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