Did anyone have a similar problem with the campaign mission?

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I am looking for a solution if everything is okay. When I was a vassal and next create the
own kingdom, I still had a further mission that showed the time of the empire's invasion. When the time passed suddenly my enemy became the faction with which I started the game, I cannot diplomatically act with it in any way, but the same applies to the empire with which I cannot start a war. In the missions tab, there is a progress bar for the destruction of the empire and .. information that my clan has declared war on me. (?). I do not know if this is a bug or it should be because I am afraid that the further I play this game will simply prevent me from declaring war to empire. Thanks a lot for trying to help and explain much love guys <3

in brief; I was a vassal ---> create my own kingdom ---> after the time for invasions was completed, I got a declaration of war with the kingdom from which I started (khazuit) ---> I cannot stop this war(khazuit) or start with any empire (with other kingdoms such as sturgia I can)


I am in a war with the Empire. which I can not ask for peace. the button is grayed out. no one elso declares on us. (Khazuits of which I was just voted in a queen) been going on since my first character was alive. she died at 58 and Neice is now ruling. long war.. but its still fun.
The cool kids ignore Neretze's Folly and do not do the campaign main quest because it is fubar. That banner doesn't do **** for you, and the main quest pretty much guarantees everyone and their dog will declare war on you.
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