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i don´t know if this is a bug or it´s a problem that only affects me (i don´t thinks so cuz it has also happen to a friend of mine) but anyway i wanted to ask. Everytime i start any conversation with nobles the options are very limited. You only can trade with them (with some, i think it depends on your level of relationship) or play bord games wich have 0 impact in your relationship btw . Then it´s the option of asking questions. In warband it allowed you to select a lot of options, if you have enough persusion the nobles offered misions, gave their opinions about the realm, the rulers, recent events, other nobles etc. but here you can only talk about the main quest with some of them, and exchange a few words with monarchs and army leaders if you want to join a faction but that´s it, in any other case when i select the conversation option they don´t say anything, litterally you can only say bye and thats all folks.

im in a point in the game where i have accumulate money and troops. With the clan at level 2 i joined a faction hopping to enter a new phase of gaining support for politcs, make alliances with nobles, and prepare for making your own kingdom but it´s imposibble or at least very boring cause i can´t interact with anyone in the faction .

So my question is : this is normal? dialogues will be added in a later version or it´s a bug of my own? and if this is the case how can i fix it?


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Not just you. Dialogues are barebones. If they will expand them, i dont know. But i hope they will
Thx m8, although kinda sad of hear xdddddd.

i suppose they had trouble with covid and stuff, but its funny how dialogues aren´t a priority while they improve graffics and add cinematics all the time.
We did not get a clear answer to this problem. Anything can happen.
i really don´t think they are going to leave it like this. i mean the sistem in warband was basic af and still it was entertaining, maybe they are going to do something much more complicated and for that they need more time (one can dream )


Hmm not sure when they'll implement the, "follow me I have a plan", "there's a weak settlement, go to..." etc.
I'm sure they'll add more options for us to interact with the lords, like how goes the war and all that.
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