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I have enjoyed playing Knights The Last Battle greatly, and wish to make my own contribution to the mod, however small. So I have taken care of a few problems that many were encountering while using the mod, and have also given the companions completely new stories.

This is the download, all that needs to be done is to unzip the files in the Knights the Last Battle module folder, though I recommend making a backup of the files that it overwrites. My version of Warband is 1.134 as I have not taken the leap of faith to upgrade to 1.143 as of yet.

As soon as I receive permission to upload to mbrepository I will upload the file there also.


-All references to Calradic nations/towns removed.
-Starting menu referred to old nations and has been changed.
-Starting merchants were jumbled, but that has been fixed.
-New and unique companion stories and personalities.
-Claimants have had their stories revamped where needed.

Let me know if there is anything I have missed, or suggestions for improvements!

Companion Compatibility

Franciskus          LIKES      Xavier
                        DISLIKES  Dominic, Nidalgo

Xavier                LIKES      Franciskus
                        DISLIKES  Robin, Jan

Anna                  LIKES      Robin
                        DISLIKES  Francesko, Claus

Harald                LIKES      Jan
                        DISLIKES  Dominic, Antonio

Jan                    LIKES      Harald
                        DISLIKES  Stefan, Xavier

Argyll                LIKES      Paulo   
                        DISLIKES  Raghnaid, Stefan

Dominic            LIKES        Nidalgo
                        DISLIKES  Harald, Franciskus

Francesko            LIKES      Raghnaid
                          DISLIKES  Anna, Paulo

Robin                  LIKES      Anna
                          DISLIKES  Xavier, Raghnaid

Antonio              LIKES      Stefan
                          DISLIKES  Claus, Harald

Stefan                LIKES      Antonio
                          DISLIKES  Argyll, Jan

Paulo                  LIKES      Argyll
                          DISLIKES  Francesko, Mauritus

Raghnaid            LIKES      Franscesko
                          DISLIKES  Argyll, Robin

Claus                  LIKES      Mauritus
                          DISLIKES  Anna, Antonio

Mauritius            LIKES      Claus
                          DISLIKES  Paulo, Nidalgo

Hidalgo              LIKES        Dominic
                          DISLIKES  Franciskus, Mauritus


Sergeant Knight
At first I deleted Mod folder language…and after that I saw your Patch…Thank you. 
So far it seems to be exactly what Deis has translated. Could you explain what's the difference?

Anyway, so far this is very easy, so I'm not complaining, just wondering :wink:
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