Development will probably go on after the full release.

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DLC would be different than bannerlord, like different timeline, just like the other DLCS from warband


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What is the point of this thread anyway? Sure, they will continue. Some patches will be here and there. There will be definitely DLCs. But would that mean they will overhaul their diplomacy feature which has no diplomacy at all? No. Would that mean their soulless npcs will start to act like human? No.
Correct. TW has shown no interest at all in adding features missing from BL that were in WB or VC.

The game is a soulless Excel spreadsheet with a murder simulator GUI on top and - since the pre-EA-release marketing hype - nobody at TW has suggested it will ever be anything other than that.
I have been enjoying the heck out of 1.7.0, no crashes, very few bugs, insane siege battles. It's all good but I would say the game needs at least 1 more year of development (scenes + dialogue options + more variety in NPCs+ fixing bugs).
Devs have already suggested that official release is happening in the next 3-4 months. They can't do a console port without finishing their PC release.

At the point that "official release" is declared, it'd be wildly optimistic to believe that TW would invest another 9-12 months of development into it when they're going to be thinking about finishing said console port or revving the hype engine for their DLC release schedule. They don't want to half-ass their BL console port again like their original M&B XBox release, which was a spectacularly embarrassing failure.

The only ray of hope that we're going to get the dev time you suggest (which I grant you is a reasonable estimate) is if release is pushed back, because more core gameplay development is simply not gonna happen after that point.
Because gamurrrs have been conditioned to believe that once a game passes an arbitrary release date, it will be on the verge of bankruptcy unless it sells broken piecemeal game fragments for £20 a pop.
This. Given the expectations of the customer base, neglecting to hype for upcoming DLC monetization would be tantamount to setting money on fire.
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