Development Update #6: Rebellions, Missions and More!

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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

It's about time for another development update, don't you think? In this video, we take a look at some upcoming changes to the game, including two new mission types.

We hope you enjoy the video and we look forward to reading your comments about the updates! And as always, a text version can be found below for those that prefer to read.

Greetings warriors of Calradia!

After a short hiatus, we’re back again with another development update! In this video, we’ll be taking a look at some of the updates that will be making their way to the live and beta versions of the game in the near future, as well as, a couple of new missions that are still in the works!

We hope you enjoy the video.

First up is the ability to grant and relinquish fiefs.

When playing as a faction leader, you will be given the option to grant fiefs to your vassals, allowing you to diversify the ownership of fiefs across your kingdom, or bolster relations with a clan that might not be too fond of your rule.

Similarly, when playing as a vassal, you will have the option to relinquish control of a fief back to the kingdom, allowing a new round of voting to start on which clan should receive the fief.

These changes will give you much greater control over your lands, allowing you to plan ahead without any unexpected acquisitions complicating matters.

Next, we have some new icons on settlement nameplates to indicate if there’s any issues or tournaments happening within a settlement, without needing to enter.

A new campaign setting has been added that allows you to disable the birth and death systems. Please note that you will need to start a new game to enable this option, and it can’t be changed afterwards, but the option is now there for those of you that are looking for a bit of a less dynamic and more familiar playthrough.

A few important changes have been made to the campaign simulation that we wanted to highlight, some of which are already on beta and others that are coming in the next updates.

First, AI characters are now able to get married. And second, being somewhat connected is the addition of many new AI clan members. These changes aim to ensure that most, if not all, clans have enough clan members to lead parties, as well as, to increase the overall population and longevity of clans through children.

Additionally, more efforts have been made to address snowballing, with upcoming changes that enable factions to make comebacks, even after losing a few settlements. This is achieved through a more even distribution of wealth within each kingdom through a shared treasury, allowing clans to stick in the fight for much longer!

Finally, an inflation-related issue that allowed kingdoms to keep generating wealth has been resolved to make for a more healthy and stable economy.

A new mechanic is on the way that grants companions and clan members that are outside of a party with a passive effect that improves player relations with non-hostile clans and notables. When left in a friendly or neutral settlement, the companion or clan member will no longer roam the map, and instead will act in a new emissary type role, using their charm skill to increase relations while earning XP.

A new rebellion feature is incoming with the next beta patch that enables unhappy citizens to rise up and seize control of settlements.

The loyalty and security of a settlement is affected by a number of things, such as if there is a culture mismatch between the settlement owner and its inhabitants, whether the town was recently captured, the strength of the garrison, kingdom policies, governor skills, and so on...

As the loyalty of a settlement decreases, more and more citizens will take up arms in the form of militia. Once the militia feels that they are stronger than the garrison, and providing loyalty is low enough, a rebellion will occur.

A new clan will then take control of the settlement and attempt to establish themselves and legitimise their rule. If they manage to hold on to the settlement for a period of time, eventually they will be recognised by other clans and will be able to initiate diplomacy with kingdoms.

Finally, we have the first of two missions that are a work in progress and subject to change, but that we wanted to share with you anyway.

Prison breaks allow you to break into enemy settlements and spring clan members, vassals, and friendly or neutral lords free from prison! If successful in breaking into a settlement, you will need to fight your way back out with prisoner in tow.

Naturally, breaking someone free comes at great risk to both you and the prisoner, especially when playing with death enabled!

And last, but by no means least, we have keep battles!

Keep battles present players with a different challenge from the standard field battles that make up the majority of Bannerlord’s engagements, with the fight taking place at extreme close-quarters in an enclosed space.

When assaulting a castle, you may find that the defenders decide to pull back their remaining forces to the castle keep to make a final stand. And it’s here where you will need to finish off the last of the defenders for the siege to be successful.

And that’s it for Development Update #6. We hope you enjoyed the video and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the changes in the comment section below.

Thanks for watching!


Also how are the rebellion troops defined? Is it pulled directly from the garrison? Just similar number to the garrison? And/or does it have troop quality of all types or just some lower-tier troops mixed in with milita to signify it being a knock-off town rebellion rather than a civil war?

the garrison are troops of the occupying faction. logically, the initial troops would be composed of the militia, that is the armed citizens of the settlement. i wonder if there is an initial battle between the garrison and the milita to determine if the initial rebellion is successful or is immediately quelled by the garrison troops.


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the garrison are troops of the occupying faction. logically, the initial troops would be composed of the militia, that is the armed citizens of the settlement. i wonder if there is an initial battle between the garrison and the milita to determine if the initial rebellion is successful or is immediately quelled by the garrison troops.
It would be cool to have an initial battle between garrison and militia (i think the revolutions mod does this no?) but i don't think it's the route TW is taking, from what i understood the "resentment" with the conquerors of the fief will grow over time with more and more citizens joining the local militia until they outnumber the garrison taking account the security/loyalty level of the fief aswell and when the AI feels confident they'll launch a revolt and overthrow the garrison automatically creating a randomly generated clan of the fief's culture to lead them.

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the garrison are troops of the occupying faction. logically, the initial troops would be composed of the militia, that is the armed citizens of the settlement. i wonder if there is an initial battle between the garrison and the milita to determine if the initial rebellion is successful or is immediately quelled by the garrison troops.
I do think there should be a battle initially to take over (rebels vs town) which could allow local lords to come assist if the relation is high enough with the clan.
Well..I installed the update. Not quite sure about the new features as they did not happen yet. What DID happen though was death enabled although I disabled it at start of campaign and combat troop management is borked now. What did happen there? Where are all those commands gone?
Hint for future UI: I have a keyboard. It has...lots of keys. No need to pack all commands into 3 menus and let me search while arrows are hailing down and riders charging my archers. :wink:


I had 457 men in my army and khuzait lord only had 139 (40 horse arc, 17cav, 30 arc and other were inf) and they defeated me. (i play on everything realistic tho)
What? how? they are not this overpowered, unless you had an army full of recruits yeah you could loose, but otherwise it's too favourable to lose


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We will most deffinitely need a new relationship option other than friend/enemy.

We need an alliance diplomacy option, owning or being in a kingdom, and forming an alliance (blue indicator) with another faction, being able to call them in your wars or join theirs, expanding the army system so that it allows for an ally to join your army, for mich more influence than usual ,more easily exchanging newly conquered fiefs between the two kingdoms etc.

In Dipllomacy we need that and much more... such as non agression, marriages alliances some agreement that the caravans would focus between the two kingdoms for example and the values would help both kingdom get a lucrative profit, hope this comes into the game


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So we're getting keep battles, that's great to see a good Warband feature returning. Will we be getting street battles back as well?

In Warband town sieges the remaining defenders would retreat to the streets of the town once they lost a battle on the walls, so you got to have fights in the various town environments.


Hi! I just watched the video and I love the update. I believe that some changes will already be useful. I admit that before I watched the movie, I felt a bit anxious because with these updates it can be different, but in my opinion it is very much +
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