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In this thread I will discuss the major changes I am making or exploring, including information about any patches following Ver. 2.5.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
October 6: I am currently working on the first patch for version 2.5.  The purpose of the patch will be to fix any bugs that can be fixed without losing save-game compatibility.  I will likely make a few changes to troop items and some armor textures, which will also be save-game compatible.  I do not anticipate that there are any game-breaking bugs in Ver. 2.5, as I have gradually added codes and tested each in turn.  The most serious bug that I am aware of pertains to the Outpost Kit, which is OSP from Lumos.  I am searching for a fix to this but I expect it won't be save-game compatible.

If you encounter any bugs in Ver. 2.5, please describe them in the Bug Reporting thread.

So far I have fixed:
1.  The Black Khergit lair bug- will be released in first patch.
2.  The missing banner bug- will be released in first patch.

Oct. 21:
I will be releasing the first patch within the next few days.  The patch will include the fixes discussed above, some cosmetic changes for some of armors, and a new particle_systems file.  I am reverting back to the Native particle systems as my modded settings might cause performance issues with lower-end PCs and even mid-level PCs such as my own.  I will include a full change-log with the patch release.

Oct. 24
I am now fairly certain (98.75%) that my modded particle systems file was the cause of the strange crashes of the mod.  As stated above, I will release the fix in the first patch.  If you are having crashes and don't want to wait for the patch, I recommend that you replace the mod's particle_systems.txt file with the one from Native Warband. 



Sergeant Knight at Arms
October 28:  Patch 1 to be released at ModDB.

I am uploading the patch now and it should be available for download today.  It is a small patch that does the following:

Changelog for Patch 1 (Ver. 2.5 to 2.51)

*  Fixed the Black Khergit lair issue.
*  Fixed the duplicate banner issue.
*  Replaced the particle systems file that was causing crashes.

Troop Changes
No changes were made to troop stats.  Several changes were made to troop equipment:
*  Caravan Guard- replaced the leather gambeson with a new leather coat.
*  Swadian Spear Throwing- added a cloth coat to inventory.
*  Swadian Scout Crossbowman- took away cloth coat, added leather gambeson to inventory.
*  Nord Mounted Raider- removed nord lamellar shirt from inventory.
*  Rhodok common troops- changed some of the axes for troops equipped with axes.
*  Khergiz Horseman- added a spear to inventory.

Item Changes
*  Improved several of my own armor textures.
*  Created several new armors to replace unused armors or armors from other OSPs.
*  Reduced the size of the Kelton kite shields to match the tableau kite shields.
*  Modified two of the hewing spears to permit more effective use on horseback.

Scene Changes
*  Replaced the Tonbridge Castle scene with the Heardburgh Castle scene.
*  Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with Pevensy Castle from the Historic Castles Project OSP by Adorno.
*  Fixed the Black Khergit lair scene.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Progress Report for Patch 2

Oct. 29:
A player informed me that the Swadian javelin thrower wasn't equipped with javelins and that the Kelton Gesith and Mounted Gesith had no power throw.  I checked my module system files and that really is the case.  I must have screwed up the inventory for the Swadian when I was making changes.  The Kelton Gesith and Mounted Gesith issue was a brainfart on my part.

I have fixed these and the fixes will be included in the second patch, whenever I release it.  These changes are save-game compatible but the Kelton Gesith won't change until you start a new character.

I will wait a while to see if there are any new bugs that are reported before I complete and release the second patch.

Nov. 12
Another fix that will go into the second patch is the fix for the bugged Rhodok Rangeman face.  I found the coding error and the face fix will be save-game compatible but the fix for the Rangeman's crossbow proficiency will show up only in a new save.

Nov. 22
I am preparing the next patch for release and expect to release before this month's end.  This patch will be save-game compatible although not all changes will show up in saved-games (such as troop proficiency or skills changes).

Nov. 29
I discovered a small issue with the Vaegir Marksman not being flagged as guarantee_ranged.  I have made the fix and will include in the next patch.  You will need to start a new game to see the change.

Dec. 8
I am having some PC issues so the release of patch 2 will be delayed.  The patch will include all aforementioned changes and updated spear animations, some new or modified armors, a new castle scene replacing current Heardburgh castle, and a few other changes and fixes for some of the issues.  The changes to particle_systems.txt and other things seems to have fixed the periodic CTD problems that I was experiencing on this version.  I had never had CTD issues on any previous versions but started having them on version 2.5 and I think it is due to the particle systems that I modified. My apologies to those players who have had similar problems on this version.

Dec. 12
I have fixed my PC issue and am putting together the second patch.  I am shooting for next week Wednesday for the release as I am quite busy at my paying job at this week (end of semester testing and grading).

Dec. 24 Update
I am holding off on the release of patch 2 (ver 2.52) until after Christmas but before the new Year.  I have a ton of things occupying my time right now and wanted to make sure the patch included all the necessary fixes.  Happy Holidays to all of you!


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Some initial ideas for the next big release (I'll call it Ver. 2.6 for now):
1.  Split the Sarranid Sultanate into 2 factions (the House of Sarran and the House of ____ ).
2.  Expand the Edric Streona quest to include at least one more adventure and possibly two.  I am thinking that the final quest will give the player a fortress for his troubles.  I just need to figure out the coding for this.
3.  Expand the Nord professional skirmisher line by adding a  Nord Thane (level 30) and changing the Nord Hirdmann to level 25 instead of 30. The Nord Professional will branch into either the Nord Warrior or Nord Hirdmann.
4.  Adding recruitment opportunities at training grounds.
5.  Permitting player to have feasts for troops at owned castles in order to improve morale (this will work similarly to the feast script that exists for tavern keeper).
6. Other small troop tree modifications.
7.  I will consider some of the requests made in the suggestions thread, but please bear in mind that I am a one-man team and have limited time to add extensive changes for this next version.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Patch 2 progress:
I am still working on Patch 2 for Ver. 2.5 (as discussed a few posts above).  I hope to be able to release this month, sooner rather than later.

Feb. 4 update on Patch 2:
I am still working on a few small things.  Will release soon.

Feb. 20 update on Patch 2:
I am getting closer to releasing the patch.  I seem to keep finding things to improve, especially troop equipment.  Bear with me- the patch 2 is coming soon!

March 13 update on Patch 2:
I will be releasing the patch within this next week.  I will most likely release as a full release since I have changed a number of resources and textures and want to make sure that everything is included in the version update.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Version 2.52 Full standalone released on March 26 2018.

Changelog for Version 2.52

Version 2.52 is a full standalone version.  This version includes all the changes in Patch 1.  The new changes in Patch 2 include:

Version 2.52 New Credits (refer to Version 2.50 documentation for complete credits)
* Leonion's Native Armor OSP which combines Native meshes with different native textures which were re-mapped to the mesh.

* Fixed Rhodok Rangeman face code error that made them look like chinless, gormless idiots.

Known-still Existing Bugs
* The Outposts OSP kit is buggy with these newer versions of Warband.  My advice is to not use the Outpost feature until a fix can be found.

Troop Stat Changes
* Kelton Gesith and Mounted Gesith now have appropriate level of power throw (Thanks to Minokz for pointing this out in my forum at Taleworlds).
* Vaegir Marksman now flagged as guarantee_ranged.
* Rhodok Rangeman crossbow proficiency has been increased.
* Vaegir common foot troops have increased shield and ironflesh in some instances.
* Reverted Caravan masters back to tf_mounted.
* Gave Masterless Men, Hardended Masterless Men, and Outlaw Leaders power throw of 3,4, and 5 respectively.
* Swadian, Vaegir, and Eastern Professionals now flagged as guarantee_gloves.

Troop Equipment Changes
* Swadian Javelin thrower now equipped with javelins.
* Made changes to some of the armors in inventory for Custom Elite and Custom Mounted Elite- these changes won't show up until a new game is started.
* Added new civilian clothing for most kings (will only show up in new games).

Animations Changes
* Updated Hoboistice's animations for spears, crouching (thanks to Hoboistice for informing me about the updated animation codes and for his tutorial on using them).

Items Changes
* Updated the 1-handed spears to better utilize the updated Hoboistice animations.  These spears cannot be swung overhead but have an overhand and underhand attack.
* Inserted carry appropriate carry codes for several pole-arms so that they carry on back properly (polehammer, poleaxe, halbard, nord halberd, and a few others).
* Changed flags for Long Hafted Knobbed Mace and Long Hafted Spiked Mace to allow use on horseback (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).
* Created normal maps and specular maps for Igor BB armors that did not have them.
* Added feminized mesh for Old Mail (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).
* Fixed the carry settings for Sarranid oval shields so that they carry on back properly.
* Reduced the piercing damage on those sabres having both cutting and piercing capabilities (Shashkas, Avar sabre).
* Fixed several more helmets that had beards showing through the mail coifs. There may be several others I haven't noticed yet.
* Fixed the item flags of several of the face-plate helmets to show the eyes of the troop instead of just black.
* Changed or modified several of my own armor textures to improve their appearance.
* Slightly increased armor value for tableau heater shields (used by Swadians).

Script Changes
* To reduce lord defections, changed simple trigger value to require a relation of -99 to trigger defections (old value was -75).
* Modified the troop wages for mounted troops to differentiate between the lower costing common mounted troops and higher costing professional mounted troops.

Scene Changes
* Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with a wooden castle (“grasslands fort”) from the Nordous Sceners Guild OSP.  I modified the entry points to make it work with single-player.

Campaign Map Changes
* Refined the map around Starfall Castle in the Kelton lands so that troops could have more space to move around the east side of the castle.  There is now less area that is impassible to troops.



Sergeant Knight at Arms
Modding priorities for next full release (I'll call it Ver. 3.0).

1.  Split the Sarranid Sultanate into 2 factions (the House of Sarran and the House of Hamesh).  This change will mean that there will be a total of 9 factions, 5 normal sized (i.e., king and 20 lords) and 4 half-sized (i.e., king and 10 lords).  The two houses will have somewhat different troop trees.  The House of Sarran will be similar to the current Sarranids in v.2.52 while the House of Hamesh will be more skirmisher and lighter-armed camel riders.  The House of Sarran will hold the western half and the House of Hamesh will hold the Eastern half.

As I am working on version 3, I have decided to create another mercenary faction rather than splitting the Sarranid Sultanate.  This will be easier coding wise.  Having another mercenary faction is also consistent with the name of this mod: Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising.  I am creating a Geroian mercenary faction that will hold the town of Bariyye in the east of the desert, the nearby castles, and associated villages.  The lore says that the Geroians are from the East, so this change is consistent with that. The Geroian faction will be a small faction of king and 10 lords and 10 ladies.  The Geroian troop trees will be different from all the other factions and will emphasize their throwing capabilities.  The skirmisher line will be well-developed and the mounted troops will have throwing weapons but not heavy cavalry.  The Geroians will also have good crossbowmen.  This phase is complete!  Here is a map photo showing the location of the Geroian settlements in the eastern part of the desert.  I have added one castle and one village and moved another village closer to the Geroian town.  I will add a few trees near the new settlements for aesthetic purposes.  Click to enlarge.

2.  Refining the special manor troops (scouts and veteran scouts) the player can hire from their village manors.  In the current version, these special troops are better equipped and more proficient archers (or crossbowmen).  The exception is that the Khergiz scouts and veteran scouts are footmen.  I have considered several options in regard to these troops: a) leave them as they are, b) make these troops customizable so that the player can choose their equipment and decide whether they want them to be archers or footmen, c) make them all footmen that are better quality and better equipped than the faction common foot troops at the same level.  Option b is the most coding intensive option but is one I am leaning towards as this time.

3.  Adding recruitment opportunities at training grounds.  This will be made easier to do since a new OSP script for this has been provided at these forums.

4.  Expanding the types of mercenary troops that can be gotten.  For example, in v2.52, if the player has honor is 10 or higher, they will occasionally be sought out by 3 different types of troops for hire.  I want to create another higher level of troops that can only be hired when the player's honor is 20 or higher.  These troops would be higher tier troops and well equipped.This item is complete.  I guess I didn't take them in order!

5.  Expand the Nord professional skirmisher line by adding a  Nord Thane (level 30) and changing the Nord Hirdmann to level 25 instead of 30. The Nord Professional will branch into either the Nord Warrior or Nord Hirdmann.This is complete.

6.  Allow the Eastern heavy skirmisher to update into the mounted skirmisher (as in current version) or into an elite skirmisher (this troop would need to be added).  I would provide the same option for the Sarranid skirmisher line. This is complete.

7.  Expand the Edric Streona quest to include at least one more adventure and possibly two.  I am thinking that the final quest will give the player a fortress for his troubles.  I just need to figure out the coding for this.

8.  Permitting player to have feasts for troops at owned castles in order to improve morale (this will work similarly to the feast script that exists for tavern keeper).

9.  Adding merchants of special weapons and armor that you will find in the taverns.  There is an existing OSP code for this so.

10.  Looking at the faction troops trees, the top two tiers of troops have quite heavy armor.  I am considering "down-armoring" the faction troops so that only the elites will have the heavy armors (for example a mail hauberk with scale vest).  The level 25 professional troops will have something like mail hauberk with cloth or leather vest.  The level 20 professional troops will have something like a mail hauberk, and so on to the bottom of the troop tree.  The common troops will be down-armored as well, with only the level 25 troops having metal armor (the special manor troops will have better armor than the common troops at the same level).  This "down-armoring" will be more in keeping with the earlier time period of the mod.  It shouldn't pose a modding problem for me, as I have made many armors and have access to a number of OSPs.

11.  Making some random battle maps for the steppe battles.  I hate fighting in the steppes near the mountains because the maps are so stupidly steep.  I will make some maps, perhaps 3-5 that will be selected at random to take the place of the engine generated maps.

I will be working on these changes and any others I think of throughout the summer so that I can complete the final version of this mod.  One final important note: since I will be using the new flag "guarantee_polearm" for some of the troops, version 3 will only work with Warband versions 1.168 and above.  The good thing about this is that I will be able to get rid of my script that forces all melee weapons.  I think the performance will be improved and the troops will be less likely to rapidly switch back and forth between side-arm and polearm.  I thank Hoboistice for his suggestions about this issue.This part is complete.  An unintended consequence of this change is that troops with two side-arms in their inventory (e.g., a sword and a mace) may only equip with one of the two.  It's not too big of a deal and I think I can live with it.



Sergeant Knight at Arms
Sep. 15 progress report:
I have tested the changes I made  in the previous post and am pleased with the results and seeming lack of bugs.  I am ready to move on to the remaining items in the list of changes, after which I will test and then make the release of version 3.0.  I appreciate your support for this mod. 

I am still looking for volunteers to make a few simple castle scenes for the Khergit castles.  I am thinking of mainly simple wooden walls, perhaps in concentric circles- nothing too ornate.  Let me know if you are willing to do so.  I am not very good at scene-making and my PC is somewhat mediocre, making scene-making more challenging than it need be.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I am still working on the mod, bit by bit.  I will have more time this December and expect to complete all changes and testing by the end of December.

I have to say that I am enjoying the changes I made so far.  The Geroian faction is cool and I am considering adding a 10th faction, either as a faction holding land (it would be to the east of Vaegir lands) or as an invading faction.  If an invading faction, I would like to write some code so that their starting spawn point would be picked at random from a number of spawn points throughout the map.

I have been thoroughly testing the changes and have played at each faction so that I have a better idea of their arms and armor and army compositions. 

I haven't been able to squash the outposts bug yet or the minor village raiding opcode that pops up.  Still working on them though.


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Talking Man said:
Hi,will this mod go to bannerlord?

Do you mean will I continue modding it until Bannerlord is released or do you mean will I update the mod to be a Bannerlord mod compantible with Bannerlord?

If the first, I will probably continue modding until and perhaps after Bannerlord release, depending on when that will be.  My next large release will likely be in late December or perhaps early January, depending on what I have going on over the holidays.

If the second, probably not.  I might mod Bannerlord but I don't envision making a public release of it.

Talking Man

When bannerlord realeased a large wave of people will come and many will help you,if you search little much,better upgrade this mod acknowledging bannerlord.Good work.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
A few players have mentioned the weapons-switching issue where your troops will rapidly switch from side-arm to polearm and back again.  I think this is due to the PBOD coding.  Hoboistice suggested a fix involving an addition to the module.ini.  Add the bolded statement to your module.ini file (I placed it below the air_friction statements as below.

air_friction_arrow = 0.004  #Redleg was 0.002
air_friction_bullet = 0.002

consider_weapon_length_for_weapon_quality = 1 # Redleg added from VC

You will need to use Warband 1.168 or higher for this to work.  This fix won't completely eliminate weapons switching but seems to reduce it quite a bit so it is much less annoying and deadly for your own troops.

I have added this to my current WIP version and have also used code from the newer module system that allows a tf_guarantee flag for polearms.


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Jan. 30 update:
I am still working on version 3.0 and am nearing completion.  I have accomplished many of the major changes described in a post above.  Most recently I have implemented Jacobhinds improved morale and routing (which is not on the worklist) and am testing it.  It seems to be working and does indeed reduce stutter during battles and seems to improve the overall framerate of the battle.  I need to test it some more to get a better sense about how it is impacting morale and routing.

I am working on an invasion-type script that will cause a mercenary faction uprising (consistent with the name of the mod!) at a certain point in time.  The mercenary uprising will actually be a faction and will behave as a faction, thus adding another faction to the game for 10 total factions.  I haven't decided whether it will be a full faction of a king and 20 lords or a half faction of king and 10 lords.  I am leaning toward the smaller size.  In my code, I am trying to make the location of the faction's spawn point to be randomly chosen from 6 choices- corresponding to the capitol towns of the 6 original factions.  Thus in one game the spawn may be located around Sargoth while in a different game may originate at Shariz.  I am still trying to figure out the code so that it works.

I have also created 6 steppe and steppe forest scenes to be randomly chosen for battles so that you won't find yourself fighting up a 90 degree cliff.  The scenes vary in ruggedness but none are ridiculously rugged as some of those generated by the engine when you are fighting near one of the cliffs in the steppe area.  So far they look good and play well.

There are some other features from the worklist to be added and tested but many of them will be fairly straight-forward.  I think you will enjoy the new Geroian faction and the honor troops that will come calling from time to time.  The farmer line has been expanded as well to include some mounted troops as well as archers and footmen.

I won't have it ready by the end of January, as that time has already come but should be able to get it finished, including testing, by the end of February, which should beat the Bannerlord release by a day or two :wink:


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March 12 Update and Proof of Life:
I am still working on the mod bit by bit with the limited time I have.  I have added Jacobhinds morale and routing code and am testing it out.  It seems to be working and does reduce lag in battles.

I am also finishing my code to allow the player to select his culture at the start, and this will determine the default culture that his/her new kingdom will start with.  You will still have the option to change culture after that.

I have made a few troop changes for the factions that I think you will all appreciate.  I expect all to be finished by the end of April, given the little time I have left for modding.  I am not going to give up on it as the completion is so near.  You can also be assured that all changes will be well-tested and the game play stable.


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April 16- still alive and kicking.

I haven't had much time of late for modding but am still intending to complete this version and soon.  I have thoroughly play-tested all my heretofore mentioned changes and things are working well and I am sure you will enjoy the improved gameplay.

The two main coding changes remaining are to finalize the player culture at start feature and also to change the  village manor troops ("scouts") into customizable troops (like the custom troops that you can get with barracks in towns and castles).  With the player culture feature, when the player become king, his kingdom culture will default to his player culture and the professional troops hired from castles and towns will be from this culture.  The manor troops from villages will also be the same faction as the player's faction.The regular village troops will still be from the village's original faction (as in native Warband). 

I have already started the coding for these changes, I just need to complete it and fully test before release.  I anticipate having more modding time from mid to late May, so expect a release sometime soon after that.  Version 3 will keep you all busy until Bannerlord comes out later in 2019. :wink:


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June 28 2019 Progress Report
The good news is that I finally got my "select player kingdom culture at start" coding to work properly.  This allows the player to select his culture at character creation.  The culture you select will be the default culture for your kingdom when you get it (the default culture in Native was Swadian).  Everything should work properly unless you go to your chancellor and request to change your culture to something else.  Then your guard troops change to the newest culture but your other troops in the caste/town remain your original culture.  The same goes for the recruits from towns and castles.  They will remain as your initially selected culture.

The other option I considered was to create a custom culture for the player kingdom, which I have previously coded and tested in an earlier test version.  Perhaps I will create a poll for players to help me decide which way to go.

I have just a few smaller coding items left, one of which is to add banner sergeants- troops carrying banners who help raise morale.  Most of the original worklist for version 3 is finished.  The only real delay is that I will be taking some much needed vacation in early-mid July with my family and so will be away from my PC.  If I get all the changes made before then I will release, but otherwise it won't be until end of July, still before Bannerlord comes out. 


Sergeant Knight at Arms
October 5 Progress Report
I am now making the final changes to version 3 so that I can release within the next few weeks.  You can refer to my previous worklist to see the number of features and changes I have made.  I appreciate the support, comments, and suggestions many of you have made for this version.  Since I want to release sooner rather than later, I have chosen to postpone consideration of some of the more recent suggestions until after release of ver. 3. 

The largest task remaining is to complete the design of the custom troops that the player can hire from village manors and town/castle barracks.  There are also a few less time-consuming modifications to be made.  I will need to test the latest changes and expect that those tests won't take long considering that I have been testing frequently during the modding process (mod a little, test, mod a little, test, and so forth). 

The player will be able to choose among the 9 cultures of Calradia at the start of the game (the 6 native cultures plus the three added factions of Keltons, Khergiz, and Geroians).  The culture chosen will determine the default player kingdom troops when the player becomes king.  I have decided not to add the custom culture with custom troops to this version but you will still be able to hire custom troops from your village manors and castle/town barracks (if you build manors and barracks).  I think this will satisfy most players who like the idea of custom troops as well as the players who don't want custom troops to replace the native troops.  For example, if you take a village from another faction, you can hire as normal their regular troops or you can build a manor in that village and hire custom troops.  The existence of a manor does not take away the option of hiring the local troops, rather it gives you an additional option to hire troops you can customize.  Captured castles and towns will always produce your own faction troops, unless there is a barracks, in which case you will hire the custom troops.

I have to confess that I have not been able to meet my original release date mainly because I have had so much fun playing the game while testing.  But since I made a commitment to release version 3, I will endeavor to do so as soon as I can.
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