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[parsehtml]<p><img class="frame" src="" alt="" width="575" height="290" /></p> <p>As the dust from Gamescom begins to settle, we thought we would use this week’s blog to give you a summary of the events from last week’s show before inviting you to present some questions for us to answer in next week’s blog.</p></br> [/parsehtml]Read more at:
Aaahhh I am so jealous, I wish I could have been there myself.

It looks great guys, you can give yourself a pat on the back
And then get back to work an finish the game
Nice blog, also nice to see that Gamescom went well for you.

My question is that;

1- Will you give a chance to SP players to like MP and hear their opinion as well as MP players or will your first choice be MP players to select for Beta ?

I select that "I prefer SP" in beta application form as I was SP guy in previous titles, but I am curious and extremely exited about MP too this time as the MP looks nice and fun, also I am sure there are many SP players in my situation.
Though this was an overall disappointing gamescom, and I have many gripes with the game in its current build, the future looks bright and I look forward to see what becomes.
First of all - great Gamescome recap :wink:

I have some questions too:
The most important - Will you be offering Exclusive/Legendary/Special/Collectors/etc. Edition of the game ? I mean in boxes with for example statue, SteelBook, ArtBook, map, etc. ...  If yes - what players, that buy game on Early Access, can do if they want this extras? Maybe there will be two versions of game on Early Access ?

And the second question - Are you planning release DLCs in the future? That will be rather DLCs like new weapons in game or skins to MP, or maybe like in Warband - almost new games(Viking Conquest)?
Congrats guys, the game looks amazing and I'm sure it'll be epic in no time!

My question is about the 6 new attributes - all the nitty gritty, and how will it influence its related skills?
Okay so where do I begin..

I've been following Bannerlord for 3 years now I think, and I literally registered and made an account, just so I can ask this simple yet very important question.

The Question would be: In earlier installment of M&B it was always bothering me that I had to choose a flag that has already been used by a lord. I don't know how this will go in Bannerlord, but since it has the word BANNER in it, will we be able to choose our very own unique banner?:smile: Or even better, create one without modding tools? I think this would be a small yet great addition to the game!

Can't wait to get the Early Access  :grin:
We had a wonderful Gamescom, we have amazing videos to watch about it and there is more coming next week. Can't wait to see it!
The others had already asked almost everything important, but...
                    MY Questions:

Will reins physics be implemented upon early access?

                    Remember that Heat Maps blog? Will that thing be available for modders too when you release the modding tools?

                                        Will Ruwa be in the game upon early access? Or she was only a prototype by the developers?

                                                            In next weeks video, can you show us the options menu? Are the arrow trails togglable?

                                        I don't quite remember... were those board games you could play in taverns scrapped? I know they were not popular.

                    Can we see some footage of animals? Animal animations, please? The ones you talked about in the "Q&A with Abdullah Nakipoğlu" blog.

And finally, can we see dem cape physics in work, please?

Callum, my friend, let's have a trade. I know you as an honourable and reliable person, so we can probably work out a deal. I know that the video is about the demo, and I don't know if all the clothing models were in that, but I know you can work around that problem.  :wink: Here is the thing:

You give us a few seconds of look on THAT particular cape:
And I give you this little tribute I made for you:
Finally, done! Two weeks of constant work.

So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?  :fruity:

edit: I just realized that last year the videos were just linked in from others from youtube. For a second I thought that you are going to make one just for the blog's sake.
Sad Lad said:
6. What guidance can you provide to those who get invited to the beta to ensure that they provide you with the best possible feedback for improving the overall experience?

That's a very good question, I would like to ask too.
If I do actually get into the beta, I'd feel responsible to be at least of some use there.
Question for next week: There was a noticable absence of banners in the battles shown at Gamescom. Have these been removed? Or was it just a temporary measure?
RoboSenshi said:
Question for next week: There was a noticable absence of banners in the battles shown at Gamescom. Have these been removed? Or was it just a temporary measure?
I think it was more performance issue, but I can't confirm that, they should say so.
Count Delinard said:
zabfalat said:
And I give you this little tribute I made for you:
Finally, done! Two weeks of constant work.

This is Terco level memery :lol:

A well-deserved "Terco Approval" is yours zabfalat.  :party:
Referring to the blog, then nothing new; let's wait for that video  :iamamoron:Let's hope™ it brings us something new that we haven't seen in the GC19 videos, such as Advanced Diplomacy.
This was a super wholesome and informative blog! Im so pumped for the early access, and hoping i get my hands on the closed beta, i would love to contribute in making this game better and bug free!
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