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Dev Blog 27/06/2019

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[parsehtml]<p><img class="frame" src="https://www.taleworlds.com/Images/News/blog_post_96_taleworldswebsite.jpg" alt="" width="575" height="290" /></p> <p>Earlier in the year, we told you about our intention to hold a multiplayer beta for Bannerlord. This is something we have some experience with from our previous title, Mount & Blade: Warband, so we are fully aware of the value of including our community at this stage of development. Our preparations have been proceeding quite nicely and we thought it would be a good idea to share what we have been up to in this period.</p></br> [/parsehtml]Read more at: http://www.taleworlds.com/en/Games/Bannerlord/Blog/116
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