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[parsehtml]<p><img class="frame" src="" alt="" width="575" height="290" /></p> <p>From the steppe empires of Central Asia to the feudal states of Europe, cavalry was an integral part of medieval armies. Whether providing logistical support or charging the enemy on the battlefield, horses proved to be invaluable assets in warfare. In this week’s blog, we will take a look at these elegant and powerful animals and discuss the improvements and changes we have made to horses in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.</p></br> [/parsehtml]Read more at:
No Courser? :sad:

I used that horse more than any other in my thousands hours of game play. Sad to see it gone.


Edit : So , if we are gonna have to produce horses , will there be advantages of making a stable in Khuzait area than in an Aserai area? Maybe , will we be limited to certain types of horses?
Can we potentially make horse prices rise up and force a certain faction to go into battle with near to no horses?
Ok the blog was not the worst we've ever seen. We learned some new things for sure, and they are cool changes.

However, everyone expressed their disappointment with the interviews and it seemed you listened and stopped them... But they are coming back? :sad: I hope they improved beyond "what's your favorite faction: I can't decide because they're all so cool".
CKyHC said:
I told you, it ended with hockey and there was a blog :lol:
:lol: Always +1 hockey

Some good info here, I'm interested in how horse equipment will play out in the game. Also, if we have to equip troops with horses, does that mean if we don't they won't upgrade? Or will we have dismounted knights until we can supply them with horses?
Great !

However, you won’t be buying additional horses just for these benefits anymore: when upgrading your troops to a cavalry class, you will need to provide them with their own mount (and if you read last week’s blog you will have a good idea of how to get a steady supply of these!). 


Also Aserai heavy cav armor is very cool !
Or maybe about character creation and how skills affect your characters for receive good or bad traits will be next
AnthonyStarkofWinterfell said:
I was hoping that next devblog would be chickens. I mean really will there be farm animals roaming around villages? That'd help with making things more immersive™

VC had dogs/pigs running around towns and villages, although it sometimes frustrated me I couldn't kill them  :evil:. I think we've seen sheep and some other farm animals in screenshots, but I could be wrong.
Two questions, if a productive enterprise is to be a supply of horses, does this mean we can do selective breeding to get a line we like?  Type and color that would be.

Second  is if not now, would it be something they would consider?
Great read. Truly informative stuff. It's great to see that it'll be quite easy to change from a warhorse to a trade horse in the snap of a saddle. Much better than having to buy 8 different horses and changing them around, instead you have your trusty breed and suit it to your needs. Not much to say about the blog other than it's pretty good, filled all the gaps I needed for this week.

I got really curious about one thing: will ALL horses always have the random markings? As in, will your horse stay be the same horse, or will it always appear to be another random horse? Or will the marks system only apply to all other horses?

And I will leave these questions for Ali Eser:
Which concepts were the hardest to elaborate?
Who gave you the most vague things to put together?
Which concept was the most interesting/beautiful you've made/thought of?
Were you ever divided into representing items on the inventory as plural or singular items? (Such as making a pile of wool instead of a single sheet, or a bunch of sacks of flour instead of only one)
And lastly: how did you come up with ideas for butter?
Darth_Trog said:
Two questions, if a productive enterprise is to be a supply of horses, does this mean we can do selective breeding to get a line we like?  Type and color that would be.

Second  is if not now, would it be something they would consider?

I would assume that type (if you mean course, sumpter, saddle, etc.) I wouldn't see any point to not have these features. Based on the blog, it looks like coloration etc. will be random, but I suppose a modder could work something out.
I thinks as steppe and unarmoured horses moving so fast than that used by cataphracts or Vlandian knights exactly as in Warband
Rabies said:
Can we ride mules into battle?
Would be my guess that a mount can be used as a mount in any situation.

My question for Ali Eser: Were there any concepts you felt were implemented exceptionally well? Also, any that you were disappointed to see the outcome of?
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