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[parsehtml]<p><img src="" alt="" width="900" height="454" /></p> <p>With Bannerlord’s Early Access release on the horizon, we want to take the time to step back from the game for a brief moment to discuss some of the work we have been doing outside of the game to support our community -- more specifically, the overhaul of our official forums!</p>[/parsehtml]Read more at:
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See you guys in two days
Happy new forumday to all  :party:

Will I have to register again?

This is literally ot this day the best looking (perhaps not the most organized) forum I have ever seen. I formerly registered more because I needed a new forum and it looked good than my love for Mount & Blade (came soon after)

:cry: :cry: :cry:
NUQAR'S Kentucky "Nuqar" James XXL said:
We added the ability for users to react to posts, similar to what you can find on any typical social media site. Right now we have limited this to just positive reactions, however, we would like to include the community in this discussion and come to an agreement on what the scope of reactions should be. After all, the last thing we want to do is detract from the active discussions, debates and general engagement that our current forums facilitate and promote.

Absolutely not. If you can't articulate why you agree or disagree with a post in text, you shouldn't be allowed to influence the discussion from the sidelines by upvoting a post you like. Nothing is worse than seeing something which is completely wrong or outright misleading getting upvoted on social media or reddit or whatever, but people who are just reading the thread to get informed will automatically look for the most upvoted post to find the "correct" opinion on something.

Please don't turn this site into the paradox forums.

Just have MnB Specific reactions.

Upvote = Butter .... for example.
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