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[parsehtml]<p><img src="" alt="" width="900" height="454" /></p> <p>With Bannerlord’s Early Access release on the horizon, we want to take the time to step back from the game for a brief moment to discuss some of the work we have been doing outside of the game to support our community -- more specifically, the overhaul of our official forums!</p>[/parsehtml]Read more at:
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I agree, would be cool to have some information regarding combat in one of the upcoming blogs, people still don't entirely know how the system works.
I have been hoping for a more detailed blog about clans
We could write a giant list of things we want explained, but these two are high priority to me for sure. I (and many others) have said all along that there is no such thing as spoiling sandbox mechanics. Tell us all of them!
I think it's safe to assume that early access is delayed. As expected.

The development of this game has been a total trainwreck since 2012. I dread to think what we didn't see.

There is no excuse for not posting consistent dev blogs so close to early access. After 8 years of development you're already on thin ice suggesting you need an 'early access'.

The comms for taleworlds is just awful. Right from the moment you released a trailer for a project you'd not even process mapped in 2012.
We will post a blog tomorrow, but it won't be about EA. Next week will plan to make an announcement regarding EA, then we will follow up on that just before the EA release.
Another comment by Callum, "Follow it up just before the EA release". He wouldn't say this if it was being delayed. The fact you made a new account just to post inaccurate toxic bull**** is pretty sad.
Loving the new forum, and I’m building a new pc for bannerlord called Leonidas. It’ll be a really tough project but I’m determined.
If you even need help choosing compatible parts (or just the most performance per dollar), you can always check out this group on the forums, and ask questions there, there is a discord server as well, i think . . .
PC Workshop
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JuanNieve said:
Where is the madafaking devblog?
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