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Morale is a key factor in warfare. An army can be greater in number, better trained and exceptionally equipped, but without the will to fight, none of that matters. Conversely, high morale can see people through extreme hardships, giving them the determination to press on and continue the fight long after all hope is lost, only to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat.

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I love the comparison to historical battles such as the one you guys used from the War of the Roses time period. Hopefully we can get mods around that as well as fantasy mods, other mods etc. I cannot wait to play it next year!!


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It would be interesting if devs add the bracing spear mechanic to the circle formation and maybe let put archers in the center of the circle  :grin:



Wow, this is the least busy devblog thread in a while!

It's a bit concerning to see the beta community falling apart even with the EA in the horizon!


I like that you can get a chain reaction on morale during battles, it makes sense and also makes morale much more important. Good choice to build it in to the game :smile:

A question came to mind, slightly off topic but still; If you ambush someone during the campaign (can you even ambush other armies?) does your spawn on the high ground? and does that also affect morale?


Nice to see progress is still moving  I will always appreciate quality over quantiity and I can wait until this comes out for me to play with.


This doesn't really relate to the blog but one thing i really want to see in bannerlord is persistent bodies. in other words i want either for it to be a feature or maybe a setting for higher end pcs so we can control how much dead bodies are allowed on the field. I think this would add a layer of immersion for people with higher end pcs and i really hope it is a setting.


This was a good blog, it's going to be interesting to see these mechanics in play. I assume (hope) that parameters such as radius of morale impact, loss levels. differences between veteran troops vs recruits etc. will be relatively easy to tweak through the modding system.
what the game needs is a balance between chivalry and infantry.
And the only way to really get it is to improve the physics of impacts.
In many gameplay regarding captain mode I see cavalry units that quietly load among the trees and if they take the tree with a side of the horse, it does not suffer anything.
Or charges on the part of two cavalry, perhaps allied, on a single enemy who suffers in full the two contemporary charges, but the two cavalry do not suffer from the impacts between their horses.
In short, if a horse takes a fence in front of itself or any body of a certain mass or maybe tied to a constraint, it should be affected by the impact.
Even the continuous charging from all sides without having reconstructed the charge formation is allowed because the impacts are lacking and therefore the horses coming from different directions are not affected by these impacts, but simply could slow down, but this is irrelevant if the enemy soldiers are been thrown to the ground.

A physics of impacts is needed.
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