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[parsehtml]<p><img class="frame" src="" alt="" width="575" height="290" /></p> <p>In this week’s blog, we will be showing you some raw gameplay footage from Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord’s vast sandbox campaign. This particular video was captured from the demo we took to this year’s Gamescom, which put a heavy emphasis on large battles and sieges, dropping the player in the mid-game of Bannerlord’s campaign with a sizable warband of troops.</p></br> [/parsehtml]Read more at:
KhergitLancer99 said:
ngaborino said:
KhergitLancer99 said:
Maybe this deserves its own topic. A big deal in my opinion.

Just a heads up: I made that topic regarding Infantry vs cav.:
'About infantry vs Cav.' - toughts about recent dev input,386948.msg9157605.html#msg9157605

Unrelated, you profile pic obviously screams you are Khergit, why did you chose neutral ? Are you a heretic :evil:

Well, I mostly start my characters in warband as horsearcher but later mix it up with other tactics. The funny thing is that my ancestors just did this in real history -  I am hungarian. So to answer the question: while I love horsearchery I am not at all committed to Khergits. By the way I always fight for my own kingdom in warband, I don't pick sides. I just work for them, try them out as friends and foes, then fight for myself. And again this is what hungarians did during settling in Pannonia. I didn't realize this correlations until now, so thanks for the question!  :iamamoron:

Oh and maybe you are the heretic :roll: :evil: But our ancestors had a more than 150 years long debate about it, so I advise not to start again  :fruity:
Blead said:
You mean multiple screen Bannerlord? I don't see how that's going to work. You can also just disable the text I think, the same thing with Bannerlord

Well not really 2 screen Bannerlord. Make the log a window in itself if desired that can be moved off the primary screen and be able to be resized. It is essential for programming to use multiple screens for the logs/output/debug etc used for info that is useful from time to time but not useful being seen ALL the time in order to preserve sanity. Also can be used for any debug screen for developers as well.......

I would be willing to forgive Callum for missing the "tomorrow" date for the devblog if he would be kind enough to resend my betakey email who must have got lost somewhere along the way..  :oops:
Mirabelle said:
Will we be able to tell our troops to focus on attacking a specific type of enemy units? For example telling our cavalry to focus on the enemy archers?

This would be great. And if the enemy also do this, then we have to think about positioning of the archer or ways to protect them. More depth to gameplay.
A suggestion for bombing during sieges.
It would be nice to be able to destroy a wall and create a breach during the battle, but clearly if it were possible at the beginning of the siege and starting the battle immediately it would be too advantageous for  the besieger.

So I said to myself:
-premise: since there is a bombardment phase in the campaign map, which proceeds with a percentage bar.
-question: why once the 100% has been reached, is it not possible for the besieger to start the battle and bombard the walls live to the point of razing a part of it?
so that the bombardment phase acts as "damage to the walls" and the battle start phase acts as "well, the walls are at the limit. Some more shots and they will fall down", perhaps making you select "which wall area" you want to demolish, with the required time that increases proportionally to the value of the area or the linear length of the wall to be demolished.

if you do not reach 100%, then the siege weapons, in battle, will not be able to create breaches but will only serve to hit any ballists, catapults or enemies above the walls,as siege weapons already work in the phase of battle.
But he's talking about having reached that point on the campaign map, and just doing the final few catapult shots in person for the spectacle. I think it would be quite fun and balanced, the only question would be over Taleworlds being able to make all walls destructible in a believable fashion that didn't tax CPUs too much. That might be a sticking point.
No blog this week either? I know it's not explicitly Callum's job to do them but I'd appreciate a heads up if he's done with them before release.
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