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The ultimate goal for most players of Bannerlord will be to carve out their own piece of Calradia through bloody conquest, however, Mount & Blade games are about more than just raising an army and leading it into battle. A big part of the game revolves around plotting your rise to power and building up a war chest that is capable of making your ambitions a reality. In this week’s blog, we will take a look at one of the ways that Bannerlord’s deep economic system enables players to raise the funds needed to equip themselves, gather an army and set forth on a military campaign: productive enterprises.

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Ki-Ok Khan

As a side note, expanding this feature of the game was actually quite a big task. We had to create a huge number of interior scenes to match the architecture of each different region of the world map and then decorate these scenes to match each productive enterprise. To decorate the interiors, we used a system that allows us to tag objects and automatically replace the default entities placed in a scene using the properties of a new shop. In Warband, the simplest way to do this would have been to create a new scene for each shop, but we think that the current method we are using for Bannerlord is a much more elegant and practical solution (and we are sure that modders will find some inventive uses for it).

This part reminds me of this topic on why the game would not be out in the near future :,373745.0.html
Perhaps it was true after all.

Sounds like good ideas are packed in the enterprises part of the game. It all sounds good.

Also , will there only be one of each type enterprise in each town ? Or can there be lets say 2 wood workshops?
Thanks for the blog.
Good blog information wise but Callum, cant you guys just share a little bit more screenshots and gifs ?
I mean we survive with these stuff for a week.
One ss from market still good but an overall city ss along with that for example, it would be perfect.


Ah. It was "meh" in warband, and I hope I will use it much more now.
Ps: probably already there, and if it isnt, it wont be (without mods) but it would be more fun if all quests had more than 2 outcomes, and also that you could have more than 1 or 2 options. For example in warband when you were going to prisonbreak a lord, you couldnt ransom him, and you couldnt pay the guard to let him out. should be a feature here
Much hype, but is it just lords that you can compete with?
Many cultures really seperated the warrior class (of which the nobles are) and the merchant class.  Surely you need "merchant lords" to do much of this, as fuedal lords of many cultures should see this stuff beneath them. 


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Loved it, thanks. I guess we are going to have to be visiting our enterprices more often. Plenty of displeasement with allied lords also. Is bannerlord allowing internal wars?


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Good blog.  Nice to see how microeconomics can be used to covertly impact lords you don't like.  There were a few peer lords whom I dind get along with in warband but couldnt do anything to them since we were in the same factiob


Nice, good to see trade etc. is getting attention. Maybe I didn't understand it properly, (with English not being my native language and all :wink:  ), but is it possible to have more then one business in a single town?
In Warband that wasn't possible, and I always found that kind of odd. It would be nice if we could invest in more then one 'branch' for trade and/or production enterprises in a single city. If you invest enough time in enterprises, you could just 'buy' your enemy out of business.
It will add more to the game 'conquest' wise too i think. Imagine the 'brown alert' that would occur when a massive enemy army marches on the city in which you invested in multiple businesses :smile:
This could go the other way around too, enemy lords would protect their 'business-hubs' much more then lesser economic centers. (maybe trow in some corporate espionage in there too?)

Right, I start rambling again, which usually leads to sidetracking on a major scale  :wink:
Thanks for reading anyway :smile:


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isnt village have horse pasture or something ? what the difference with the horse stable then ? just to getting money ? and i hope the smithy will impact the equipment variety or quality sell by merchant too.


Stable (produces horses from… well… horses!)

I hope this means that my hope for a fleshed out horse breeding system will be in place at release.  I want to build a horse breeding empire, keep the fastest and strongest for my kingdom and flood the markets of my enemies with stubborn mules! :twisted:
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