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In the words of Omar Bradley, “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics”. So buckle up for some serious professional talk, because in this week’s blog we'll be covering supply in Bannerlord -- both how to get the food and other materials that you need, and how to deny them to your enemy!

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Mad Vader

NPC99 said:
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Rodrigo Ribaldo said:
Btw, Armagan registered (Registrant Organization: Ikisoft Yazilim)

Interesting fact... could you provide the source?

Hardly recent:
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I think Callum is being unprofessional again, probably playing US football-related games instead of rugby-related games as God intended.


Knight at Arms
JuanNieve said:
Where is the madafaking devblog?
panem said:
would it be sea trade ship?

I think so. Sea trade ship (you know the term in my language: Luftwaffe) is important aspect. As we say in some places, ships to trade by sea,,, horse to trades by land!


Will bannerlord support an evil playthrough with its reputation system?
In Warband looting and enslaving villages wasnt a good choice to gain wealth, maybe for a one time desesperarte quick cash, but being a saint >>>> being an evil aristocrat. But in this version scorching earth tactics and pillaging are valid strategies. Can i hope?


In warband a lord that hates you will repeatedly attack your wealthiest village ( because they know all your feif stats CHEATING ).
So if this system is in play still then it will be terrible.
My village gets attacked by the same lord who has no feif but manages to return every five days with a small army.
If this still happens in bannerlord then I know it will be cheating game again
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