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A thousand years ago, the Calradoi were one of a dozen tribes living in the hill country between the southern sea and the Battanian woods. Over time, they subjugated their neighbours, forcing them into a confederation of city-states. Perhaps they were slightly fiercer than the others, or just lucky, or perhaps it was the one tradition that set them apart - the Calradoi had no kings. Ever since the hero Echerion slew the tyrant Cypegos, the institution of the monarchy was banned, in theory at least. There was an assembly of free citizens that met occasionally, a senate of elders (in practice the largest landowners) that sat permanently, and - when it was absolutely necessary - supreme command could be invested for a short time in the person of an emperor, a title that back then meant little more than the right to lead an army.

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Kortze26 said:
Callum said, on the Steam forums, that it's going to be a surprise subject, not the empire blog.
Good blog anyways
Interesting lore. Would've been nice if these faction blogs had some videos to show the troops in action. Still, the lore seems very detailed and I hope we can learn more of it  through conversations in the game itself.
Please Taleworlds, make Calradia seem alive. I hope towns aren't just populated by NPCs walking around aimlessly. I want to hear conversations, music, wildlife etc.


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Nymeris said:
Kortze26 said:
Callum said, on the Steam forums, that it's going to be a surprise subject, not the empire blog.
Good blog anyways

Where do people get this stuff from? I am always reading that I said X or Y, but then when I ask them to find the source they are misinformed.  :facepalm:

Maybe I said that two weeks ago but I certainly didn't say it last week in regards to this week's blog.


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Marry the daughter (maybe even as a king of another faction). Her mother killed the emperor tho, so you should keep a eye for poison lol

Become a famous general and get the army support

Claim you are the emperor bastard and you should have the crown

What else?

Destroy the empire  :twisted: with your horde of 100,000 soldiers

Nothing surprising in the lore, but nice to get more details on it.


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Hmm yes, I very much like this idea of different approaches to gain legitimacy, or the fact you can join one of the sides in the civil war and back them up...for a price  :fruity:


Callum_TaleWorlds said:
Where do people get this stuff from? I am reading that I said X or Y, but then when I ask them to find the source they are misinformed.  :facepalm:

Maybe I said that two weeks ago but I certainly didn't say it last week in regards to this week's blog.

No idea, people on this community grab whatever little piece of information they get and turn it into a conspiracy

KhergitLancer80 said:
2 screenshots about Imperial troops that we have already seen many times,
1 artwork that literally gives us no clue about the game.
Some lore about the empire which will effect the game by no means(alright I may be being a bit unfair in here, I care about the lore in fact).
Historical background and some info about where they took the inspiration from(what I care most in faction devBlogs)

Keep the expectations low so that you wont get disappointed.

:iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron: :iamamoron:

I was expecting some info about the differences between 3 empires.
Next week I guess.

Why cant TW just Show all the units of a faction with a short video like Total War ?

Create a custom scenario and put all the units next to each other and just make a 20 seconds video.

Anyways, a question:

Which heavy cav is stronger Imperial Cataphract or Vlandian Knight ?
Ofc it would be better if they had pros and cons compared to each other.

Also it would be cool if one of the imperial factions had the ''hardest to capture'' city in the game.
Like irl Constantinople and some unique defensive siege weapons for it like Greek fire.


So Garios is the one who has to pay for the Empires sins against Battania!


Really like the end of the Empire feel to the lore and stuff, even though I'm looking forward to fighting Catraphracts almost as little as I'm looking forward to Vlandian knights. Oh well, just need to hope the AI is smart enough to keep up with light javelin-armed cavalry tractics. They'll be a lot less scary once their fancy horses are dead.

Ki-Ok Khan

Finally , now people can stop asking about it  :lol:

Edit : welp , its "part 1"

Edit 2 :

Architecture and some animations look great. And unlike the past videos the graphics look alot better. Maybe because of the lightning. Perhaps you changed something about it?

There is a different kind of filter on the city screenshot. is it just me or did you play with the picture afterwards. What exactly is going on ? Is it because of the seasons? Will there be different kinds of lightning for each season? Why am I asking all these questions?

When will bannerlord release btw? .Haha ! I just took my chances :sad:

Not gonna lie , this blog and pictures sparked my interest in the game that was once almost gone.
Interesting. I really do wonder how the introductory quest will play out, then. At first I was almost sure we will start in the Empire itself, but now I think that being a slave taken from Battania would give equal opportunity to go through all the Imperial factions and then further.

Can't wait for part 2, to read about gameplay aspects of Empire.


Empire content! This is a super dense blog lorewise, cheers Callum!

I really enjoy the dynamic of the three different rulers and their claims to the Empire. Can't wait to see how it plays out ingame. The senator controls the North segment, the veteran warrior controls the East and the empress and palace are in the South, useful info.

I know it's been mentioned before but will there be auxiliary units unique to each Empire segment that partially resembles the bordering culture?

Cheers for the blog and to the team, this was an enjoyable read  :party:

Bjorn The Hound

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If this lore is meant to be giving some insights about political features of the game, then it is gonna be awesome.

Good blog, thanks Callum.


This is an interesting read, hopefully this kind of lore and structure is also noticeable in game. I like the fact that you used such a long period of Greek and Roman history, it's such an incredibly vast pool of possibilities to make for an interesting diplomacy and power struggle in just one faction :smile:

Well, here is waiting for what kind of 'stuff' we get to play with when you chose to go the 'Empire route' :smile:

Thanks for the blog, i like this kind of lore about factions and their structures.
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