Destructible Ladders

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TL;DR = I want to be able to Destroy ladders.

Now that Ladder pathing / AI is mostly fixed, it is exposing the really bad (currently as of 1.6.2 and forever) Archer / castle defense AI. A whole hoard of burly bois climb up, spank everyone, kill the reinforcements who just blindly run to their positions, and wreck everything.

To make sieges more fun, and act as a foil to this new onslaught, the Ladders should be able to be broken. Barriers inside and outside are destructible, Doors, Siege Towers, Siege Engines (Rams, Trebs, Mangonels, Ballista) are able to be broken, but Ladders are not. I assume this was done so the AI would *always* have a way to get in, but I think it's perfect, it will force the enemy to stack up on the gate and try to smash it or retreat. I suppose it's easy to say you can cheese this, but right now the ladders are magically spawn in front and I've never seen the AI be able to push a ladder - especially not anymore since the ladders are always fully loaded.

In a perfect world, the Ladders would be stacked somewhere and be able to be carried to various points, but I'm sure that'll be too much work.
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