Destroy the Empire when they can't bounce anymore!

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Do you play the games to the end? Despite the latest update, the end of the main quest continues to be painful. The Southern Empire, in my part, finds itself without fiefs, with less than 1000 troops and yet they persist in existence and the quest never ends...
It's amazing that this persistent problem since the release of the EA has not been resolved.
Agree on the right solution.
I think it should dissolve when they have less than 2000 troops and no more fiefs. Either they become bandits or they join another faction. But why does the last faction persist in existence when they have no chance.
It just makes the game boring and everything loses meaning.
Please do something! I'm not the first to say that.
Or explain to us that there is a plan behind all this for future updates?

I think that since you wanted to "save" some factions, you made the main quest impossible to finish...

Please do something! I'm not the first to say that.

And, of course, thank you !

And sorry, my english is very bad.
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Your English is fine, probably better than a lot of Americans.

I agree on all your points. I am playing as a vassal of the Western Empire. We completely stomped the Northern Empire. They have no towns, no castles. We have 60 of their lords as prisoners. Yet, they won't go away. I own Diathma and for the past year have been destroying/capturing small bands of their raiders. At any one given time there are 4 small parties of 10-14 soldiers raiding my territory. I wipe them out, four more spawn out of thin air.

Too, small Northern Empire armies keep appearing. Where are they getting the dinars? Where are they getting the troops? Where are they getting the supplies? They own nothing. And yet they have 18 clans, the largest number among all the kingdoms.

I have 50+ of their lords in my dungeon. I would love to execute them all, just to stop them from escaping and forming new raiding parties, but I can't. If I do, all of Calradia, even my own allies, hate me.

As you asked, how do you get rid of a Kingdom that is for all intents and purposes has been destroyed? As the game now stands, you can't. It feel like the AI is cheating. Which makes the game extremely frustrating the play.
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