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Welcome everyone from Mount and Blade: Bannerlord community, I am here to announce a project which was originally created by @Hairless and quickly managed by us Destiny Masters clan and also with a huge help of our friends @mrArgentum and @TheBard . We were working on this for few weeks for now, at the beginning it was only our way to make a special trainings with some other people we were going along but with the time it became a little more popular that we want to share it to the whole community as also to invite all of you to our "little events".

What is DP (Destiny Pickups)?

It's the special way to make players train in Bannerlord aswell to play for fun in groups, we're gathering people to create teams. Players who participate in DP are from different clans or without any attendance to a competitive group. It's only for Skirmish mode and each team are searching each other in 6 stack game-search mechanism.

Good sides of DP:

That's a good way to improve your playing in-game, even if you're not playing competitivly playing alongside with other players with different skills will help you to improve in combat melee, shooting with ranged weapons or cav skills. Also for people who aren't native speakers of english like me, that's a good way to improve your private skills of speaking or writing in english which might help you a little bit.

How it works:

For each 12 people joining a pickup, you have to chose 2 captains among them. These captains choose teams from gathered people and play through skirmish matchmaker. Now to make it simplier: -for 12 people, you play BO3 with chosen teams, then re-do the teams, -for 24 people, all 4 teams start the que in the same time, get a random match with other team. After first set is finished, winners que aganist winners, and losers que aganist losers. Then there is 1 team taking first place with 2 wins, 2 teams taking second place with 1:1 score, and 1 team finishing at 3rd place with 2 loses. After that you re-do the teams.

People gather on DM TEAMS MAKER vc. Captains write their picks in dp-teams-maker text channel. Captain picks 1 person, then another one picks 1 person and so on, unless there is no people left. Best way to decide the order of picking is for every captain to chose a number from compartment of their quantity. So for 2 captain they chose from 1-2, for 4 captains from 1-4 and so on. Then use some number randomizer for example commend in steam chat /random 1-2. After order of picking is chosen, people who are pickes go to the DP TEAM channel, and number of the channel depends on captains pick order. So if your captain is first pick, you go to DP TEAM#1, if your captain is third, you go to DP TEAM#3 and so on. After that captain organise their lobbies. When all lobbies are created, captains join DP TEAMS MAKER channel and start the game in the same time. Easy right?


1. Beast limits (max 2 cav, max 2 archers).

2. Banter is allowed but don't cross the border.

3. Captain of the team has authority, so if he tell you go to F... infantry, you go F.. infantry.

4. If you have to leave, make sure before you go you, tell people in que that there is a spot

How to join:

Go to our Discord Server, Mention Hairless or people with "Magnate" role, to give you the role of "Destiny Pickup" which will you allow to see the channeles related to it and also to freely join the future DP. Here below are related links to join it.

Destiny Masters Discord server:
Pickup Tier List ( it is a subjective list made by TheBard, Argentum and Hairless, don't be triggered or offended by that cause it's not the real scoring, just a view of them three)

Instrucion about Discord:

When you enter the discord first thing you see it's channel named "Przybysze", and the list of the channels you see are:
# Przybysze
# Welcome I guess
# Activity ranks
# Bannerlord media channel

# General - In this channel you have to ping by @Magnates or @Hairless by typing it in this channel to ask for Destiny Pickup role
Here is the example:​

And then you will see all channels related to Pickups:

How to add people through TW ID:

In main menu you're clicking on Social and then Bannerlord ID to add someone through this system or to simply copy-paste your own ID and then in home you invite them or being invited by TW friends list, here screens with instruction:



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Before Destiny Pickups I had smol PP but after I now have magnum dong. Highly recommend.


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Gives a lot of MP players an accessible way to experience balanced high level play with a good amount of team communication. Great initiative.
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