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I love hate the game right now. I love it because of how fun it is! I hate it because of the constant stuttering/freezing on the campaign map. The only thing that appears to cause this is the world space UI or UI inside inventory, trade screen, barter screen, party screen.

It has all to do with the icons for everything. Troops, items, faces of parties: for example X caravan or X party/person sold/bought x product (that appears over towns).

Everything is silky smooth until a caravan or a party enters a town near me and these UI elements start to pop up. It freezes my game. 3 - 5 seconds if just one caravan or party entered. If a cluster of them enter, my game freezes for much longer. Up to a minute sometimes.

It's even worse in inventory and party screens. As soon as i enter an inventory, whether it's trading or after a battle, I know I have to wait a very long time before even attempting to do anything. Staring at my fps counter until it goes from 1 fps to 144.

My suggestion
Give the option to either use very low size icons or have an option for alternate types of minimalist icons. Talking 32x32 sizes or around that. So these stutters and freezes are less cumbersome.

I know a lot of these are generated, especially the face ones. But giving the option to having them be much smaller, would completely remove the only annoyance i have with the game right now.

Possible relevant settings are
textures quality: low
streaming budget: very high

Playing on: 1.5.9

Specs if relevant:
cpu: i7 4790k
gpu: gtx 1080
ram: 16GB
OS: W10
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