Desert Bus for Hope 2017: Missed the Last 2000+ Desert Buses

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Captain Codeine
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That time of the year again, for me to AGAIN blatantly copypaste from last year! It's time for the 2017th (No wait, that doesn't sound right...) Desert Bus for Hope, which will start in 20 hours from when this was posted. (An hour until Tech Test though!)

Or in a nutshell, a charity marathon where a bunch of people (mostly from the comedy group Loading Ready Run) play one of the worst/most boring games of all time while auctioning off unique (often geeky) items, singing, performing any challenges watchers give 'em and will have call-ins from people all 'round the world and so on. Good times and sleep-deprivation all around!

There's a schedule of guest call-ins and a constantly updating wiki page for the event.

You can find info about all the drivers (the people who'll do the actual driving of The Bus in eight hour shifts) over at The Drivers Page.

For what you might walk off with from the stream, have a look at the live auction items (These tend to go to several thousand dollars per item), silent auction items (which'll just be auctioned on the webpage, off-stream, tend to be sold for cheaper) and giveaway items which usually are randomly given away for people who donate an exact amount (or multiple thereof) during a certain time period or for drawing/writing challenges (very budget-friendly, but you'll need plenty of luck and/or talent).

Public behind the scenes info?! What's this madness!

I and some other member of the Video Strike Team are collecting all sorts of data of the stream itself and everything that goes in the chat.

There are several people who capture snippets from the stream and post them as gifs, usually within 20 seconds of it happening on stream. They're all automatically collected over here (with thumbnails!):

Mike Lunsford has been making a poster of each Desert Bus for Hope since the third one (I believe). This year is no different. Here's a tracker where you can follow the progress of this year's poster:

Last but not least, here's a collection of all sorts of things, like
  • 30 last gifs posted in the chat
  • 30 last clips of the stream the VST has uploaded to youtube
  • 30 last entries of the What happened and when? timeline, which logs EVERYTHING happening on the stream.

All sorts of other data collection can also be found at, including ones from previous years.

We've also had threads over here of the previous years' DBfHs!

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Bedroom Assassin
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They are very awkward people.
At one point the guy playing Desert Bus gets up to dance and the bus crashes.



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Adorno said:
At one point the guy playing Desert Bus gets up to dance and the bus crashes.
They should have ended the stream there and announced that regretfully no money could be raised for Child's Play this year. If they're not going to take the game seriously, why should I care?