Desert Bus for Hope 2010

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Moose! said:
Buxton said:
:shock: True Heroes.

Reminds me of those guys who don't speed up time in Silent Hunter.
Is that even possible? You'd have to sit at your computer for days!
I think Archonsod mentioned it in the SH thread, they take watch on the helm, eat and sleep in shifts etc. Strange.


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Yup, IIRC a simple patrol to Scapa Flow in SHIII took three days.

It's not that strange, these people are "sim"ers rather than gamers. I mean look at say Railworks 2. 66 DLC available for it, recreating everything from authentic locomotives and routes to landmarks. Total price is £625. And this is for a game which, when you get down to it, basically recreates railway journeys. The things that made WH Smith rich by selling people things to do while they're stuck on the train for however many hours. There's even people who take their laptop onto the train with them so they can recreate the self same journey they're currently on.

It's a bit like scat really. Some people seem to like it, buggered if I'll understand the appeal myself.

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I already miss it :/ It was awesome on so many levels  :lol:

Raising $200,000 is impressive (e-checks still have to come through).

Apparently there's a mass effect marathon tonight though.

EDIT: In case anyone was wondering, here is a picture of their set up after it ended: